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 Dafuq? The Dafuq face with some aléatoire girl.
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This aléatoire photo might contain le dîner and salle à manger.

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posted by gwendiamond
Jan: I went to the films with
Feb: I married
Mar: I washed clothes with
Apr: I had dîner with
May:I dated
Jun: I went to school with
Jul: I ran a marathon with
Aug: I was partners in a science project with
Sep: I watched TV with
Oct: I was in a movie with
Nov: I switched lives with
Dec: I'm obsessed with

1: A monkey
2: Logan Lerman
3: Gale (from The Hunger Games)
4: Annabeth (from Percy Jackson)
5: A banana
6: Hermione (from Harry Potter)
7: Brussel Sprouts
8: Trent (from Total Drama Island)
9: Johnny Depp
10: Rick Riordan
11: Justin Bieber
12: Zero (from Vampire Knight)
13: Bella (from Twilight)
14: Lisa (from The...
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posted by nmdis

Now that I have captured your attention
I want to steal toi for a rhythm intervention
Mr. T, toi say I'm ready for inspection
Show me how toi make a first impression

Oh, oh
Can we take it nice and slow, slow
Break it down and drop it low, low
Cause I just wanna party all night in the neon lights 'til toi can't let me go

I just wanna feel your body right suivant to mine
All night long
Baby, slow down the song
And when it's coming closer to the end hit rewind
All night long
Baby, slow down the song

If toi want me I'm accepting applications
So long as we keep this record on rotation
You know I'm good...
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posted by kitty190123
1. Sing the Batman theme incessantly.

2. In the memo field of all your checks, write "for sensual massage."

3. Specify that your drive-through order is "to go."

4. Learn Morse code, and have conversations with Friends in public consisting entirely of "Beeeep Bip Bip Beeep Bip..."

5. If toi have a glass eye, tap on it occasionally with your pen while talking to others.

6. Amuse yourself for endless hours par hooking a caméscope to your TV and then pointing it at the screen. <

7. Speak only in a "robot" voice.

8. Push all the flat Lego pieces together tightly.

9. Start each meal par conspicuously...
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posted by energizerbunny
5. Avril Lavigne

Not a fan but she's so skinny!! I've never been skinny in my whole life and will never be.

4. Sophia Bush

She's pretty. She has boobs & a butt, but is not big.

3. Kaya Scodelario

Again with the skinniness. I don't think skinny is all there is, but for someone like me who's never been skinny, it's seems nice! She also has a unique face and her eyes are gorgeous!

2. Katie Cassidy

This girl is just so GORGEOUS!! And looks so classy when she dresses up.

1. Megan Fox

Not a fan but she has to be the DEFINITION of PERFECT! PERFECT face, PERFECT body, just PERFECT!!

Some people are just lucky I guess. <33
posted by Mallory101
 1. Specify that your drive-thru order is "to go."
1. Specify that your drive-thru order is "to go."
179 Ways to Annoy People:

1. Specify that your drive-thru order is "to go."

2. If toi have a glass eye, tap on it occasionally with your pen while talking to others.

3. Start each meal par conspicuously licking all your food, and announce that this is so no one will "swipe your grub."

4. Name your dog "Dog."

5. Insist on keeping your car windshield wipers running in all weather conditions "to keep them tuned up."

6. Reply to everything someone says with "that's what toi think."

7. Claim that toi must always wear a bicycle casque as part of your "astronaut training."

8. Follow a few paces behind someone,...
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Supports your body’s antioxidant and nutritional needs.

MonaVie™ features a delicious blend of the Brazilian açai berry—one of nature's haut, retour au début superfoods—and 18 other body-beneficial fruits. This Balance-Variety-Moderation approach to nutrition delivers powerful antioxidants and phytonutrients to help fight free radicals and maintain your body's global, ensemble health.

The Premier Açai Blend™
MonaVie's delicious blend of body-beneficial fruits is designed to nourish your body with powerful antioxidants and...
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posted by pinkbloom
I will always remember
The summer of covid 19
Yeah, it ruined my whole year
And it just went like this,
No it's never been worse than summer
Of covid19
We were only 11,
But jouer la comédie like doctors
like we aren't in present.
Drinking from plastic cups,
singing this is forever and ever,
well I guess that was true.

Dancing in my home
in the middle of the night.
Listening to our musique and jams
partying in our little bed
and it went like this,
OoPs I got coronavirus, I'm gonna die die die,

Now we're under covers
Fast vers l'avant, vers l’avant to 18, me and my lit are plus than lovers.
Yeah my bed's what I need when we are holding...
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posted by Ranty-cat
Year 1920. Mir Jack. Mir is a detective. But, he doesn’t investigate cheating wives ou crooked business partners. He investigates things that go bump in the night . When a beautiful blonde strolls into his office and says someone is trying to kill her, he smells danger. Too bad he needs the money.

How he got started with paranormal investigations is a long story. Something took his wife from him. Jane was his whole world. Now she's gone. He has been running down leads ever since.

It's an arduous task, prying into the dark and creeping things. Plenty of people won't even acknowledge...
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So about a an ago, I was chilling out back, relaxin’ all cool, watching a video par Matt McMuscles on Youtube about a little Squaresoft game called The Bouncer. I remember watching it but the only thing I came away with was, “Wait a second.... Dog rue is the name of the clothes on that one kid in Kingdom Hearts!”. About a an later, I heard of the game again and thought, “Well, I’m into weird PS2 games. May as well give it a try.” Thankfully, despite being a hard to find game, it was pretty cheap to get. It was a game released around the start of the PS2 and was going to be...
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new zealand
toi all know me. I l’amour me some Skullgirls. I l’amour me some 2nd and 3rd Encore. I l’amour those animations and combos and characters, and I was always happy to see what Lab Zero would do next. And low and behold, after another fundraiser, we get news of another indie game par them, another visually impressive game known as Indivisible. Everything got me excited. The character design, the music, the intro that was animated par Titmouse and Studio Trigger. The entire game looked beautiful and got me excited. I waited for a full an for the game to get ready, and I paid the full forty dollar price...
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