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posted by LittleOtaku1
Kakuzu: gettin tired?
Hidan: fuck yah...
Kakuzu: dont yawn
Kakuzu: yawn
Hidan: ....
Kakuzu: dont yawn...
Hidan: ..........
Hidan: yawn
Hidan: FUCK!!
Kakuzu: HA!! i knew toi would yawn!
Hidan: your an asshole. *sticks up middle finger*
Kakuzu: yah, i know.
Kakuzu: and i dont give a shit :D
Hidan: t(-_-t)
Kakuzu: ...

it needs to be longer, so
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posted by iluvsmj
"I'm hungry." = I'm hungry.

"I'm sleepy." = I'm sleepy.

"I'm tired." = I'm tired.

"Do toi want to go to a movie?" = I'd eventually like to have sex with you.

"Can I take toi out to dinner?" = Same as Above

"Can I call toi sometime?" = Same as Above

"Nice dress!" = Nice cleavage!

"You look tense, let me give toi a massage." = I want to feel your bare skin

"What's wrong?" = I don't see why toi are making such a big deal out of this.

"What's wrong?" = What meaningless self-inflicted psychological trauma are toi going through now?

"I l’amour you, too." = Okay, I a dit it...we'd better have sex now!

"Yes, I...
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posted by yukikiyruu
How To Know If a Girl Likes toi – Clichés

Here are some of the signs that have been popularized over the years as ‘ surefire ways to know whether a girl likes you’. Some of these might seem a bit silly, although people claim to these to work; I personally think these are not applicable to every girl that toi meet. Making inferences about a girl’s feelings merely par the way she looks at toi ou par the ways she flutters her eyes might seem very romantic and mushy, just like they montrer it in the movies, but again, if only things shown in the romantic chick flicks would come true, life would’ve...
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Answer their questions with questions

Ask if toi they can put nourriture color in the cheese.

Ask them to deliver it in a limo.

Ask to see a menu

Ask what their phone number is. Hang up, call them, and ask again

Ask about pizza maintenance and repair.

Ask for a deal available somewhere else.

Ask for the guy who took your order last time. Be sure to throw in a commentaire about his abs.

Ask if the pizza has had its shots

Ask if the pizza is organically grown

Ask if them for a free rendez-vous amoureux, date with one of the staff if toi make order over $30.

Ask if they're familiar with the term "spanking a pizza." Make up a description...
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posted by flipflopkitteh
-Cats: Will treat toi like slaves.
-Dogs: Will always see the best in you.

-Cats: Do not bark.
-Dogs: Make it their life's mission to bark.

-Cats: Shred your furniture.
-Dogs: Shred your shoes.

-Cats: Insist on being fed.
-Dogs: Wait for toi to feed them.

-Cats: Will sleep on your face without a thought.
-Dogs: When allowed, will sleep on your lit and take up all the space.

-Cats: Will barf on your clothes.
-Dogs: Will barf on the rug.

-Cats: Think they're royalty.
-Dogs: Think they own the house.

-Cats: Will sleep on the remote then have a hissy fit (pun intended) when toi try to retrieve it.
-Dogs: Will...
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posted by mini17
ARIES - The Aggressive (March 21 to April 19)
Outgoing. Lovable. Spontaneous. Not one to mess with. Funny... Excellent kisser. EXTREMELY adorable. Loves relationships, and family is very important to an Aries. Aries are known for being generous and giving. Addictive. Loud. Always has the need to be 'Right'. Aries will argue to prove their point for hours and hours. Aries are some of the most wonderful people in the world!

TAURUS - The Tramp (April 20 to May 20)
Aggressive. Loves being in long relationships. Likes to give a good fight. Fight for what they want. Can be annoying at times, but for...
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posted by Tanjiabo273
Kisshia - Kisshia is plus into fashion, she hates sports, but Kisshia is a Young 14 an old born in Paris, Kisshia is always a friend of Johannah
Susie - a young Ukrainian girl who is well almost the oldest, but Susie is a girl who is plus into the boys a little, Susie likes to have aroung a young girl named Sassy
Nikky - Nikky is the one who is velvet, and always open minded, Nikky is a young Tuvaluan/Australian girl born in Tuvalu
Brian - Brian is Saudi Arabian And American, Brian is mostly called "BRITISH BRIAN" because he has a British Voice
Ryan - Ryan is Qatari and English, Ryan is the...
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posted by misscrazel
I am the boy who never finished high school because I got called a fag everyday.

I am the girl who was kicked out of her accueil because I confided in my mother I was a lesbian.

I am the prostitute working the streets because no one will hire a transsexual woman.

I am the sister who held her gay brother tight through the painful, tear-filled night.

We are the parents who buried our daughter long before her time.

I am the man who died alone in a hospital because they would not let my partner of 27 years into the room.

I am the foster child who wakes up with nightmares of being taken away...
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posted by LaDispute
I was staring at myself in the mirror, eyeing the scars and wondering how I would make them go away in time for the spring break trip I'm taking with my family to Florida.

Now, I don't cut myself often, but when I do the cuts are deep and they leave wide, bright rose gashes behind. That kind of stuff is hard to hide.

The reason for the cutting? I use it as what a shrink might call a "coping mechanism." Sometimes things build up inside of me, little things and big things. As time lengthens between cutting sessions it's like I can feel the pressure inside of me pressing outwards on my skin, taking...
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posted by canal
Dear Diary: today i've been a complete ass! -like every other day- i've just hurt..another friend, and i'm almost most certain..she hates me. can i fix it? can i tell her i'm sorry? did i just ruin a friendship? god i hope not! i don't like being who i am, selfish, ugly, mean, always getting way to drunk ou way to high, but i am this way. i just want a dingle friendship that doesn't go down in flames. God, is that to much to ask? knowing your a good friend is a wonderful feeling! at least i've been told that.

Dear diary:today i hurt a Friends feelings. but i didn't mean to! i just..let my words...
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posted by curtains4
My mom fell in l’amour with my dad. But he tricked her. My mom thought he was treating her like a princess. But it was all an act. (I'm going to use fake names in this article). My Mom, Anne, was my dad's hairdresser. My dad, Ron, had just got out of his last marriage. His past wife left him because he was a jerk. He tricked my mom into falling in l’amour with him. He succeeded. They then got married and the new family was made up of my mom, my half brother, and my dad.
A few years later, I was born. Everything was alright until I was three. My dad went on a business trip to New York with my mom....
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posted by speedy106
My favori shows/movies:
10.My little pony:Friendship is magic
9.Beyblade Metal Fusion
8.Beyblade Metal Masters
6.The Powerpuff Girls
5.The Amazing World of Gumball
2.Teen Titans:Trouble in Tokyo(the Teen Titans movie)
7.Sky Blue
6.Lime Green
2.Pale Orange
favori Characters from favori Show(Teen Titans)
10.Màs y Menos(sometimes, I just gotta live màs(more).*pun is and isn't intended*)
7.Hot Spot
5.Kid Flash
1.Speedy(Not Gonzalez)
So these are just some lists about my favs. I may be somewhat different from other fans, but I'm like everyone else no matter what I like ou stuff like that.
posted by ZacharyWhite
When I was 6 years old...

My grandmother and I don't get along very well. One time, I was gonna pet my dog Lassie, I didn't know that she was guarding a bone, so she gave me a very loud bark. My grandmother heard the bark and she thought that I was hurting Lassie. So , She grabs a piece of a long metal and she started to hit me at the feet,hands,back,arms and legs. I was almost full of bruises then she a dit that if I told my parents about it, she would do it again.
Night time...
My mom saw my bruises in my legs and arms, she asked me what happened to me, I a dit I just accidentally scratched myself......
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posted by KitKitty12
Say there were to best Friends in the world.Until one jour their lives became different all because of one stupid question.THe two faught until they were so mad the arbre word were shouted out"I hate you"One yelled out at the other until everything fell apart in their lives.They starmed off and never went back.And thats my story but it all happened a little to fast so let me tell toi the whole story.MY name is Kenzie and the one that shouted was my freind Kaitlyn.I never wanted this to happen but time for what happened.Me and Kaitlyn were walking to our classrooms and on the way Kaitlyn's biggest crushed walked par and started talking to her his name was Colton."Hey Kaitlyn"Colton said."H-hi Colton"she a dit figiting with her backpack."Want to come over to my place later after school"Colton asked looking sure of himself."I don't thank my parents would like that"siad kaitlnyn
Phrases toi have probably heard/said in toi life from various populaire songs. Winner of who a dit the most gets 50 props.
If I ruled the world…
Don’t toi ever feel like your less than perfect to me.
Why toi asking all them questions?
You seem so innocent…….
Life’s what toi make it, so let’s make it rock.
The stars are shining.
If I was your boyfriend… *Well maybe if you’re a girl you’ve never a dit that. Except if toi were lesbo*
You don’t know you’re beautiful.
I want to be a rock star.
People always say that my music’s loud.
Love the way toi lie.
You build me up, toi break...
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posted by tokidoki123
There's a place in my mind
No one knows where it hides
And my fantaisie is flying
It's a château in the sky

It's a world of our past
Where the legend still lasts
And the king wears the crown
But the magic spell is law

Take your sword and your shield
There's a battle on the field
You're a knight and you're right
So with dragons now you'll fight

And my fancy is flying
It's a château in the sky
ou there's nothing out there
These are castles in the air

Fairytales live in me
Fables coming from my memory
fantaisie is not a crime
Find your château in the sky

You've got the key
Of the kingdom of the clouds
Open the door
Leaving back your doubts

You've got the power
To live another childhood
So ride the wind
That leads toi to the moon 'cause..."
posted by Codby
I feel like nothing. I feel empty. I don’t feel sad ou happy ou angry. I just feel like there is a black hole in me. A black hole where my cœur, coeur should be.

I don’t know what to do anymore. I write story’s and other stuff. I still go to school and I work. I still do everything but it just Lost meaning. Why do I go to school, why do I work. Why do I write story’s and other stuff with happiness and sadness in it, while I feel empty.

I know the réponses on these questions. I go to school and I work for a better future. I write story’s and stuff, just because I can.

I tried for days to become...
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posted by adaug
I got this joke from a "Weekend Shopper"ad paper

Mrs.Smith saw one of her students making faces at other kids.She walked over there and said"Billy,
When I make a face,my teacher always a dit it would
stay that way."she said"Well Mrs Smith.You can't say
toi weren't warned!"Billy replied

To explain, as I originally put it:

This is Bunny. He's very bloody. If toi get Bloody Bunny, he'll slowly eat your soul. To pass the curse on, give this to someone else. Tear it up/destroy it/throw it away and Bloody Bunny will murder you.

^I created it. It should also have a drawing of a bunny, with one eyes gouged out sitting on its back, a knif in the temple, and blood under the gouged out eye area and coming from the ear above the none-gouged out eye to the haut, retour au début of that eye. It should be splattered in blood.


1. Leave it on...
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posted by karpach_14
Two women Friends had gone out for a Girls Night Out, and had been decidedly over-enthusiastic on the cocktails. Incredibly drunk and walking accueil they suddenly realized they both needed to pee. They were very near a graveyard and one of them suggested they do their business behind a headstone ou something. The first woman had nothing to wipe with so she took off her panties, used them and threw them away. Her friend however was wearing an expensive underwear set and didn't want to ruin hers, but was lucky enough to salvage a large ribbon from a wreath that was on a grave and proceeded to wipe...
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