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They ran to the arbre house.Maybelle was confused,this place was so much bigger.Did it ever end?What?Her land was small."Here!Go in here!I'll go get food!"Sarah said,and ran."Maybelle.How old are you?"Alicia asked."16"She said."DANG IT!GOTTA WAIT 6 YEARS."Henry yelled."Now I ask toi a question.Does your land...end?"Maybelle asked."Course it does!Yours doesn't?"Alicia asked."Nope!We live forever!Along as Ariana doesn't kill us."Maybelle said."Here!"Sarah said.Running with a bag of Chips,three cans of pop,And a cereal box."This should last toi the night."Sarah said."You got the Stone?"Sarah asked.
"Yeah!In my pocket!"Maybelle said.
The suivant day,they all ran to the door."Get the key."Sarah told Henry."Uh.I can't find it."Henry said,reaching in his pocket."Oh man!I remember!I was in my coat!Ariana a volé, étole it!"Sarah said."I know how to open it."Alicia said,grabbing a toothpick from her pocket.And she picked the lock."Okay."They hopped in Freestone.
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Plot: The plot would be the same as the Madoka Magica animé series.

Director: Micheal baie

Scriptwriter: Ehren Kruger

Music: Steve Jablonsky (Featuring "Connect" par Linkin Park)

Cinematography: Amir Mokri

Editing: Paul Rubell
Roger Barton
William Goldenberg

Production Companies: Paramount Pictures
Magica Quartet

Distributed By: Paramount Pictures

Release Date: June 25th, 2016

Running Time: 170 minutes

Country: United States

Budget: $230 Million


Magical Girls:

Willow Shields as Madoka Kaname
Madison Pettis as Sayaka Miki
Bailee Madison as Homura Akemi
Peyton liste as Mami Tomoe...
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