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Sejuru said: Who are your haut, retour au début 20 coolest and populaire animé characters?(Please answer and complete because this is a survey that will be publier arigatou!) Please this will be release....;)

 Sejuru posted il y a plus d’un an
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SymmaGirl2 said:
toi mean my favorite? Well...
1. Envy from FMA
2. L Lawliet from Death Note
3. Death the Kid from Soul Eater
4. Japon from Hetalia
5. Takuto Kira from FullMoon wo Sagashite
6. Gaito Domoto from Mermaid Melody
7. Izumi Curtis from FMA
8. Prussia from Hetalia
9. Makoto Kashino from Yumeiro Patissiere
10. Cafe from Yumeiro Patissiere
11. Coco from Mermaid Melody
12. Noelle from Mermaid Melody
13. Edward Elric from FMA
14. Belarus from Hetalia
15. May from Pokemon
16. Black Beauty Sisters(Mimi and SheShe) from Mermaid Melody
17. Ami Mizuno from Sailor Moon
18. Ikuto Tsukiyomi from Shugo Chara!
19. Anzu Mazaki from YuGiOh!
20. Crona from Soul Eater
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posted il y a plus d’un an 
Sejuru posted il y a plus d’un an
hetaliaitaly said:
im not doing this a seconde time
Matt Jeevas (Death note)
Mello Keehl (death note)
Allen walker (D grey man)
Gaara (naruto)
Itachi Uchiha (naruto)
Deidara (Naruto)
Greyarts (elemental Gelade)
Lavi (D grey man)
Soul Evans (Soul eater)
Zelgodis Greywords (the slayers)
Pein (naruto)
Neji Hyuga (naruto)
Shikamaru Nara Nara (naruto)
Matt Ishida (digimon)
Germany (hetalia)
Hatsuharu Sohma (fruits basket)
Kyo Sohma (fruits basket)
Akamaru (naruto)
Senri shiki (vampire knight)
Hanabusa aido (vampire
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posted il y a plus d’un an 
Sejuru posted il y a plus d’un an
but thatnk u for answering =)
Sejuru posted il y a plus d’un an
ur welcome!
hetaliaitaly posted il y a plus d’un an
invadergiggles2 said:
I hate animé =_=.... but all i have to say is invader zim beats all animé so zim is number 1.
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posted il y a plus d’un an 
hetaliaitaly posted il y a plus d’un an
the invader one!oh such a person like her in this world was a dumped!!!ahahahaaaaa
Sejuru posted il y a plus d’un an
ohw..., just ignore a person like that,. they only want our attention..
Haro_Aizawa posted il y a plus d’un an
Mrs-X said:
Wow okay umm... I haven't watched many animes so most of them will probably be from the same one ^^ sorry bout the mispelling

1. Kakashi from Naruto Shippuden
2. Shigure from Fruits Basket
3. Momiji from Fruits Basket
4. Gaara from Naruto Shippuden
5. Hatsuharu from Fruits Basket
6. Kagura from Fruits Basket
7. Kira from Fruits Basket
8. Tohru from Fruits Basket
9. Kyo from Fruits Basket
10. Hidan from Naruto Shippuden
11. Hatori from Fruits Basket
12. Deidara from Naruto Shippuden
13. Hikaru from Ouran High Host Club
14. Kaoru from Ouran High Host Club
15. Kiba from Naruto Shippuden
16. Itachi from Naruto Shippuden
17. Toshiro from Bleach
18. Ryuk from Death Note
19. Shikamaru Nara from Naruto Shippuden
20. Kisame from Naruto Shippuden

Sorry, I first post 10 instead of 20...
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posted il y a plus d’un an 
bubblegum_kiss said:
ill try to fit it down 20....

.grell (kuroshitsuji)
.Melissa mao (fmp)
.tamaki (ouran h.c)
.kisa (sekaiichi hatsukoi)
.sebastian (kuroshitsuji)
.nowaki (junjou romantica)
.ikuto (shugo chara)
.misaki (junjou romantica)
.yukio (ao no exorcist)
.canada (hetalia)
.kyo (fruits basket)
.france (hetalia)
.italy (hetalia)
.sion (no.6)
.nezumi (no.6)
.germany (hetalia)
.usagisan (junjou romantica)
.england (hetalia)
.wolfram (kyou kara maoh)
.rin (ao no exorcist)

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posted il y a plus d’un an 
so many of my very very very favori characters are from manga that dont have an animé :(
bubblegum_kiss posted il y a plus d’un an
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