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posted by Berserk-punk
Theres berserk and bricks daughter the smart one named brain and their son blake

Theres brat and boomers son bomb

And last theres butch and brutes girl and boy twins Butch jr and blame

heres the family picture
posted by vampiregirls
Me vampire vac and Kenya was walking around townsville when we saw a child with brown hair and orange eyes he look at us Hello im Blake u are i was the one to speak Im vipère, viper this is Vampire thats Vac and this girl is Kenya nice to met u blake he smile we turn to a pretty blond hair girl hello im Bella this is my brother Bryce we turn to a girl with orange hair and red eyes im Blazy we turn to 3 black hair kids im billu im caramel dur au beurre, caramel, caramel au beurre and im Blitzy were the puff kids well hello puff kids were the vampire girls and shy girl a dit Kenya i think theirs a girls named brainy belly and bruise that are your cousin their the powerruff kids well we gtg see u guys tomorrow they all flew off leaving a colorful streaks
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