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posted by its_kristi_rae
Prodigy walks into Tay's room without asking)

Tay: Prod!!!!! what are doing here

Prod: your mom let me in

Tay: toi could have called

Prod: toi don't come control me I come when I want too whether I have your permission ou not

Tay: whatever

Prod: so what toi doing today

Tay: umm I don't know

Prod: well it's not like toi have anything excited planned

Tay: and how would toi know that

Prod: because I just know toi I'm your best friend I know everything

Tay: not everything

Prod: so toi want to go hang out

Tay: sure I guess

Prod: perfect we're going to the movies

Tay: and what are we going to see

Prod: The conjuring...
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