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Genius_626 posted on Jan 17, 2011 at 07:26PM
what was your reaction when you heard disney was gonna make a Rapunzal movie? Mine was actually pretty negative, since they'd never made two disney princesses in a row or done one in CG. I eventually got over that and I love Rapunzal's character. Anyone else?
 what was your reaction when toi heard Disney was gonna make a Rapunzal movie? Mine was actually prett

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il y a plus d’un an SnowSpirit said…
When I saw the movie trailer, I was like "Yay, a Rapunzel Movie." (sarcastically). I would have never thought that it would become my new favourite movie <3

Yeah, but I was pretty negative too, and when we were going to see it, it was either "We go see Tangled or go to the Carnival" and we saw Tangled. But it was AMAZING!!! I love Rapunzel now... I did when I was a little kid, and when I do my hair up in braids and bows, I look alot like her ^^
il y a plus d’un an LisaForde said…
You know when I first saw the trailer for this I was like Oh boy another rip off of Shrek jesus will they ever stop making fun of Shrek. So I decided to watch clips on YouTube of Tangled and OMG I now think it’s the best Disney movie since Enchanted. B

BTW im going to see this in my cinemas on Friday so I’ll let you guys know what its like in 3D.