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Blossom:Girls! Hurry up!

Bubbles:Sorry Blossom! We were helping a kitten.

Buttercup:Excuses, excuses...

Blossom:I don't care! We have to go to the new school year!

*With the RRB*

Brick:I can't believe Mojo signed us up for school...

Boomer:Yeah! We fight fine!

Butch:It's not a fighting school Boomer.


Brick:Come on! Lets go get it over with.

*with the PPG*

Bubbles:I hope we get new students this year!


Blossom:It would be nice for Pokey Oaks to get new classmates.

Buttercup:Don't get your hopes up.

*At the front of the school*

Brick:Look. There it is. I'm ready for- *mumbles* oh my gosh...

Boomer: What?

*The girls stop talking and turn around*

*They all stare except for Butch who is looking at a snail*

Butch:Why is it so quiet? *Sees PPG* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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