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posted by tvluva49
Yeah this one is bad...

Olivia’s phone rang, and she picked it up. “Hello?” she answered, half asleep.
    “Olivia?” Peter worriedly said. “I think toi should come to my hotel. Charlie was just shot right outside of the doors,” Olivia closed the phone, in a daze. She got dressed hurriedly and quickly drove to the hotel, avoiding all speed signs and stop lights. She got to the hotel and walked quickly inside. She saw Peter, and she ran into his open arms. They hugged for what seemed like forever, and then they pulled apart.
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 It Feels Great
It Feels Great
1.How Does it Feel Winning the Polivia fan of the Month?

It feels great.Thank toi so much all for voting for me!:)

2. For those of us who don't really know toi describe yourself so we can get to know toi better

Well I’m 18,finishing high school in a weak.Pretty much a classic teenager,I tend to change my mood every 5 minutes,but global, ensemble I try to be a cheery person.I adore musique and my friends,I hate lies and gossip aaand I’m very romantic and a bit conflicted about myself.:)

3. How did toi get into the show?

Well I knew that it was a JJ Abrams montrer and being the huge Lost fan that I am I knew...
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 "Olivia Dunham, my wife, was everything to me."
"Olivia Dunham, my wife, was everything to me."
Olivia Dunham, my wife, was everything to me.

When we first met, I was a nomad, moving from place to place, job to job. She gave me a purpose; she taught me to believe in something bigger than myself. She taught me to fight to keep our world safe. And plus recently, to keep it from dying.

But the truth is–we’re all dying. From the moment we’re born, we are all dying, and the universe is unspeakably cruel. Our one hope is that we can find some purpose, some meaning before that last jour comes. Some happiness … and love. Olivia was all of that to me. There was no one like her.

While I will not cease to fight, now that she’s gone, I’m afraid I’m already lost. That we are all lost. The world is a darker place without her.
1. Congrats for being the Polivia FOTM, how do toi feel ?
It feels great! Thank toi for all for voting for me, i'm really grateful :)

2. A few words about toi before to sart the interiew?
Well my name is Cécilia, i'm 19 and i'm obviously obsessed with Fringe and especially with P&O.

3. When did toi start watching Fringe and why?
I started to watch it when it airs for the first time in France, two years ago. If i remember correctly, the first episode i saw is The No-Brainer and i instantly loved the show.

4. Did toi become a Polivia shipper right away ou did it take some time for toi to like...
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Hey, S, congrats for winning !=D

1.How do toi feel about being the first Polivia FOTM?
Amazing and … weird at the same time. I just don’t think I deserved it as much as other fans who were contributing on this spot long time before I even started to think about watching Fringe. However.. I can’t say it feels that bad. Haha. Polivia fans here are fabulous and I’m extremely happy and glad that I can answer on this questions right now :D

2.Why don’t toi tell us something about yourself for a start?
Umm. I’m bad at this kind of questions. Well, let’s start with My name is Sylwia (but...
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1.Congrats Maru!! How do toi feel about winning Polivia FOTM?
I l’amour Polivia, so it's great. Thanks for voting for me, that was sweet :)

2. So, to start, could toi tell us something about yourself?
Well my full name is María Eugenia, but everyone calls me Maru. I'm 21 years old, my birthday is January 2nd so I'll be 22 in not-so-long (*sigh*), time goes par too fast. Anyway, I study psychology here in Buenos Aires (Argentina) the place where I was born and where I currently live. My first language is Spanish. My hobby is probably going to concerts (love it) and watching tv shows lol.

3. How did...
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1) Congrats on winning Polivia FOTM, how do toi feel about it?
Thank you! I was shocked when I found out that I won- I definitely did not expect to win! All of the fans here are so great, so it is a great honor.

2) First of all, can toi tell us something about yourself so we can get to know toi better?
Well, I was born and raised in the US, but I currently live and work in Asia. I enjoy traveling, reading, watching films and TV shows, and taking long walks on the beach. :P

 watching Fringe just seemed natural to me
watching Fringe just seemed natural to me
3) When did toi start watching Fringe and how did toi get into it?
I have been...
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 Congrats Lea!
Congrats Lea!
Congrats Lea!

1.How do toi feel about winning Polivia FOTM?

I'm really happy, honored and I don't know really what to say. Thank toi to all of toi :)

2.Let's start with finding out soemthing about you.:)

Well, my name is Lea. I'm 16 years old, soon 17. I live in France. And my life is pretty normal, High School and fangirling about Polivia.

3.When and how did toi start watching Fringe?
 I atually started watching Fringe because Of this Polivia club !!
I atually started watching Fringe because Of this Polivia club !!

The first episode I watched was The Transformation, it was July, 22nd 2010. I atually started watching Fringe because Of this Polivia club !! This...
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1. Terra, congratulations on being New Polivia FOTM, how does it feel?
It feels pretty great I like that I am recognized for my unhealthy obsession for them and my for my contributions to the spot even though its not as much as the others. I always feel special when it comes to fotm.

2. So, tell us something about yourself. Some dirty little secrets we don’t know? ;)
I really Don’t have dirty secrets I do have a key chain collection and only my close Friends know how obsessed I am with Joshua Jackson its really unhealthy and I go into defense mood when people say he is ugly are obviously blind...
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posted by tvluva49
Olivia walked through the halls of Harvard, feeling dejected. She stood facing the outside; thinking about what would life be like if she was never part of the ‘fringe’ department. She knew there were many pros: a social life, happiness, no nightmares, but she also knew there were cons: she would have never met Peter. Peter. She smiled to herself and heard footsteps behind her. She spun around and stood face to face with Peter.
    “Hi,” Olivia said. She crossed her arms over her chest.
    “Hey,” Peter replied, stuffing his hands in his pocket....
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posted by tvluva49
Olivia sat on her couch, exhausted and tired. She wanted ever so badly to close her eyes and fall into a dreamless sleep, but every time she fell asleep, someone died. Now racked in guilt, Olivia was pinching herself to stay awake, but her vision blurred and her eye lids drooped. She was just about to fall asleep, when a gentle hand shook her shoulder.
    Olivia thought it was her sister who was awakening her, but then Olivia remembered her sister and niece had spent the night at a local hotel. She opened her eyes and found a smiling Peter sitting suivant to her, his hand...
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posted by tvluva49
Notice Peter is always the one to hold Olivia in his arms after she goes in the tank…

    Olivia was sitting at home, rereading a book and drinking herbal tea. Her sister and niece were asleep, dreaming of happy thoughts while Olivia sat up awake, thinking about the freaky events that had happened to her. Olivia finished her chapter and took a sip of the thé when her phone rang. Not wanting to wake her sister, she picked it up in a hurry.
    “Hello?” She whispered, closing the book.
    “Olivia,” Charlie began in his raspy...
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