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 chibi Pokemon
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This Pokémon fan-art contains anime, bande dessinée, manga, and dessin animé.

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10. Palpitoad

While he has been shown to be an amazing battler, he didn't get much screen time during the Best Wishes series because seeing as Ash already had 6 other Pokemon in his possession at that time, he had to send Palpitoad to Professor Juniper where he remained for quite a while. Ash's Palpitoad is still incredibly strong despite the minimal screen time he received and I have no problems with him. I do have one thing about him I've never been able to figure out. HOW THE HECK WAS HE ABLE TO LEARN SLUDGE WAVE!?! Someone PLEASE explain that to me, because I just don't see how a Water/Ground...
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They have the purest l’amour of all :3
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