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This Pokémon fan-art might contain chaton, minou, and kitty.

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These are some easy rules toi have to follow to vote in my survey pools to make it easier and not to rigg them.

1-To count your vote toi have to comment

2-To count your vote toi have to state your reasons, if not, your vote will be ignored

3-The option with plus valid commentaires will be the winner

4-In case of tie, pool votes will be counted

5-In case of tie again, I'll make a tiebreaker, except of if there are 2 options, in this case I'll chose the one with the most reasonable comments

6-Comments will be ignored if toi bash, insult ou ridiculice someone

7-You have 24 hours to vote in each pool, commentaires after it will be ignored

8-You can support your commentaire with images, gifs, vidéos ou any type of link
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My new favori Pokemon song. Why does it have to be so catchy!?!?!
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