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Red-August 8

Green/Blue Oak -November 22

Blue/Green- June 1

Yellow-March 3

Gold- July 21

Silver- December 24

Crystal- April 30

Ruby- July 2

Sapphire- September 20

Emerald- May 31

Diamond- December 4th (Sagittarius)

Pearl- Febuary 12th (Aquarius)

And then Platinum, Black, White, Bianca, and Cheron's birthdays have not been revealed yet. Heck, I had to go back to my old article on the Pokemon club to get Diamond and Pearl's birthdays because they are no longer on Bulbapedia anymore.
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I l’amour this one ^^
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I just had a thought, what if the Pokedex Holders had a little Christmas party? ou playing some game? Sounds intresting, doesn't it? So, here's how I'm imagining the Pokedex Holder's celebration party....
P.S.: Sorry if I have grammar mistakes...

The snow was falling slowly outside and the wind was blowing gently, the clouds were covering the bright moon and stars of the midnight sky...

Most of the hotel's rooms were dark and the floors were empty as it was finally midnight and everyone was sleeping. One room's light, however, was still open. The one in which the Pokedex Holders were still celebrating......
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