Picks favori 'Your Mama's so fat..." joke?

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She once went on a seafood diet...whenever she saw food, she ate it!
NASA plan to use her to rive up the hole in the Ozone layer!
When she step on the weight scales, it says 'to be continued'!
Even her shadow has stretch marks!
When she ran away, they had to use all four sides of the lait carton!
She fell off a bateau and the captain yelled "Land Ho!"!
When she gets in an elevator, it has to go down!
When she takes a shower, her feet don't get wet!
Her college graduation picture was an aerial!
She jumped for joy and got stuck!
that when i tried to swerve around her in the road, i ran out of gas
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her bloodtype is nutella!
her bloodtype is nutella!
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When she goes into the water, the whales start chant "we are family"
when God a dit "let there be light", he had to ask her to déplacer
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When she saw the 'Dinsey -> Left' sign, she turned around and went home.
she and apa are twins! ( from avatar)
she and apa are twins! ( from avatar)
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when her beeper goes off people think shes backing...
when her beeper goes off people think shes backing up!
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