Picks HYPOTHETICAL SCENARIO: toi are on the run from the law! Where do toi hide?

Pick one:
Under my lit ~ Nobody would think to look someplace so obvious
Up a arbre ~ I was scared and didn't have time to think of a better place
The fanpop Museum ~ It's quiet and I can hide behind the Fanpoppy exhibit
A étoile, étoile, star Trek convention ~ I can disguise myself as an alien
The Smurf village ~ Smurfs are so annoying, not even the police go near them
Are toi the law?
Added by edennirvana
in bikini bottom
in bikini bottom
Added by 123horsegal
don&# 39; t hide- get a fake identidy
don't hide-get a fake identidy
Added by bvgf
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 chel1395 posted il y a plus d’un an
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