Percy Jackson and the Olympians Rp The Heros of Olympus: Pandora's Box

hiddennobodie posted on Aug 10, 2013 at 04:31PM
In the war in the ancient times, many powerful weapons were lost and one of the most dangerous weapons of them all is Pandora's Box. The legend Pandora's box is just a lie but the truth of Pandora's Box is more deadlier than any beast in this world and the Underworld. Three Demigods have been chosen to find and destroy Pandora's Box before Persephone returns from the Underworld before Spring Arrives.

(I claim Caden to be one of the Demigods. I'm planning of making a fanfic based on this.)
 In the war in the ancient times, many powerful weapons were Lost and one of the most dangerous weapon

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il y a plus d’un an hiddennobodie said…
The night was quiet as a young man suddenly wakes up from a deep dream his heart beating like a drum and his mind was heavy with the dream he had for the past four months.

He was in Tartartus smiling evilly as he ventured deeper and deeper as he heard the screams of the souls who were sent into Tartarus. When all of a sudden a beautiful woman with hair that was dark as night appears in front of him. The dress was dark purple that allowed the darkened world shine onto her pale skin to make her sickly but still beautiful. She moved swiftly like the wind as she appeared behind him. But he doesn't react he doesn't pick up his bow, he didn't have his bow.

"Eris, my dear, why must you be so hostile around me?", he asks with a cool dark voice.
"I can't help it with a demigod that looks like you walk above sending more and more of our kind down here", she hissed as she moved closer to him and she smiles. "Do you have it?"
He nods as he shows her an ancient book with Greek and Roman symbols on it..
"At last I can find you with the Book of Prophecy.", Eris laughs triumphantly and she tries to open the book but the symbols lit and started to burn her. She screams in pain as she drops the book in the shifting sands of her domain. "Why won't it open for me?! I am Eris the Daughter of Zeus and Hera!"
"Be Patient Eris She will not be without the weapon we need for your revenge with the Titans"

She would turn around to him and see him smile and then Caden would wake up.

Caden walked up to the bedroom window to look upon the moon seeing it was a small crescent moon shape. His aunt Artemis and her lieutenants would be out hunting together while Apollo his father would be resting and waiting for the time for the sun to rise. Why did Apollo gave him the Gift of Prophecy? He believed it to be a curse. When it happens he speaks in rhymes.

He walked away from the window knowing what he dreamed of is something important and he didn't know why. He walked up to his desk and looked at his little book he wrote for his dreams or blackouts. he opened to his last entry and read:

The Goddess of Discord will find aid in the world of below,
What is she planning no one shall know.
Her time will be at hand,
to aid the Titans her monstrous band.
With a jar that brought the evils of this world.
With twins to decide what is to be accord.

What did his little propechy meant? What was the jar? Was Eris the Goddess of Discord? Are the twins his father Apollo and Artemis? But most importantly why was he helping her? These questions he didn't have answers off but he knew but he had to return to Camp Halfblood to find out.
il y a plus d’un an shadow-master_2 said…
So what do we do, create a character and Role Play?