Percy Jackson and the Olympians Rp Demi-God RP

Hades223 posted on Aug 25, 2011 at 02:22AM
Make a character, play as a demi-god, go on quests, kill monsters, work for Kronos, the gods whatever.


You can also make your own god up btw

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il y a plus d’un an MCF2000 said…
Im the first one!!!

Ali Jones
bow and arrow and hunting knife
My father is a cyclops (but fortuantly the only thing I got from him was the ability to change my voice) the cyclops forced Artemis to uh....marry him....and i lived in an orphanage untill a satyr found me when I was 3 and took me to CHB
Can summon moonlight, shapeshift, gets stronger at night, and others unknown for now

Artemis Cabin Leader

has red hair and silver eyes

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 Im the first one!!! Ali Jones 15 Artemis bow and Arrow and hunting couteau My father is a cyclops (but
il y a plus d’un an werevamp246 said…

Name (Demigod name): Angel Talkmna

age: 17

Immortal Parent: Hades

Weapon: Golden Seprah Blade,Same sword as Nico, with a silly band shield, bow and arrow, and a dagger

looks: brown hair, blue eyes, tall, tan

personality: a leader, kind, caring, brave, couragous, powerful, respectful, smart, somebody you dont want to mess with when she has a sword, protective, easy to talk to, outgoing, aggresive, loves to tourture the bad guys, likes to hang out with minor gods, defensive, athletic, loves to wear black, red, green, blue, and basically every color of the rainbow.

powers: shadow travel, earthquake, invisibilty, curses, summoning the dead, summoning, controlling people, compulsion, bringing back the dead( or healing) achilles heal, can't miss a shot with the bow and arrow, can put up a shield so nothing can hurt anybody the shield's around, can cancel out other powers,can't be beat at a sword battle, summoning underworld creatures, can kill at a glance, and seduction, can freeze time, balance, speed, teleportation, complete controll of fire, mind reading, and you'll find out the rest later
other:Hades Cabin Leader and has a pegasus name Demon
il y a plus d’un an MCF2000 said…
I sat on a rock in the moonlight. Most campers were asleep now at 10:00. I just wanted some time to think, so I came out here.
il y a plus d’un an LobeliaBlack said…
Name: Bella black
Age: 16
Immortal parent: Zeus
Weapon: sword that is fixed with electricity so I get you with it well you are fried
Looks: tall,black hair, very pale , has blue eyes (color of the sky)
Bio: lived in Florida til a satyr found me. My mom died when I was 11 and I made it to camp at age 12 . I was stubborn and didn't believe I was a demigod til I was actually claimed.
Powers: can make storms happen can shock anyone and even fry them. The rest is yet to be known.
Other: cabin leader for Zeus cabin
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il y a plus d’un an yamcha56 said…
Name: Alansta Barriare
Age: 13
Weapon: A magical sword that is connected to ares
Bio:lived in England until Ares claimed me and told me to go to camp half blood.After turning 18 i went back to England and joined the royal marines.
il y a plus d’un an MCF2000 said…
Are ya guys gonna rp?
il y a plus d’un an werevamp246 said…
I am....yeh:) its gonna b fun I go
Im asleep in my cabin when I here a scream and run out.
il y a plus d’un an demigoddessrlz said…
Name: Raven
Age: 15
Parent: Chaos (adopted daughter of hades since there is no chaos cabin)
Weapon: bow made of energy and 6 foot long sword
Powers: mostly anything

 Name: Raven Age: 15 Parent: Chaos (adopted daughter of hades since there is no chaos cabin) Weapon
il y a plus d’un an demigoddessrlz said…
Age: 8
Parent: Undetermind
Weopan: rope and a frying pan
Powers: i dont know
 Name:??? Age: 8 Parent: Undetermind Weopan: rope and a frying pan Powers: i dont know
il y a plus d’un an MCF2000 said…
Suddenly I see a giant looming shape in the darkness. The thing ran towards me with glowing eyes. I screamed, but then she got closer. "Mrs. O'leary!" I scolded, "You scared me!!" Angel came running out of her cabin, "What's wrong?" She asked, "I heard a scream." "It was probably me," I said "Mrs. O'leary scared me."No," Angel shook her head, "It sounded farther the woods." I turned to where she was pointing, and then I heard it. A loud, long scream.You have never heard the sound of true torture and sadness if you did not hear what we just heard. Angel and I glanced at each other, wondering what was out there, and then we took off as fast as we could.
il y a plus d’un an Deathcrash said…



sword spear and knife

6"1 is vary fit and has purple eyes

Has been at the camp for as long as i can remember and is the best fighter in camp. Is kind and durin combat can be vary calm and collective and is a great leader. Can find my way ought of most situations

Can creat lighting and storms
 Maximus 17 zuse sword spear and couteau 6"1 is vary fit and has purple eyes Has been at
il y a plus d’un an MCF2000 said…
Heyo Deathcrash!!! Have some cake!!
il y a plus d’un an Deathcrash said…
Thanks eats the cake
il y a plus d’un an Deathcrash said…
Enny one on
il y a plus d’un an MCF2000 said…
Probably not, I think we're the only ones...
il y a plus d’un an Deathcrash said…
Ok wont to rp
il y a plus d’un an darange said…
Nane: jenna Tyler
age: 15
Weapon: a dagger
Apperence: dazzling crystal blue eyes, long blonde hair w/ blue streaks, freckles, black leather jacket, jeans, purple t shirt, and paint splattered converse
Bio: ran away from home, got kicked out of 9 schools in 6 years, just got to camp, and she likes to play electric guitar
Powers: all the powers there are for Zeus's kids
il y a plus d’un an demigoddessrlz said…
il y a plus d’un an MCF2000 said…