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“I Remember”
January 3, 2014

Note: I’ve typically been écriture notes at the end, but for this case, I must make an exception as to be clear to you, ou at least the ones who haven’t read my précédant works. I have been thinking about doing a sequel to one of my stories, but never did because I didn’t think I could make anything long and commendable out of it. But with this project, I received some inspiration and motivation to do so in a short story. So, this short is a little sequel to “Skipper’s Curse.” If toi haven’t read it before and plan to, be aware that this will contain...
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“Reflecting On Doubts”
December 29, 2013

    “Hidy-ho, Marlene! Sound off,” Skipper called as he entered Marlene’s cave.

    “Right here, Skipper,” Marlene called back.

    Skipper found Marlene standing in front of her mirror with an uneasy look in her eye, smoothing back her fourrure and tracing over her cheekbones with her fingers.

    “You’ve been cooped up in here all day. Is everything all right, Marlene?” Skipper asked, coming up behind her. Marlene kept her eyes on her complexion.

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“Bad Timing”
December 03, 2013

    “Hey, Skipper! Where’s the team?” Marlene asked as she entered the HQ.

    Skipper shifted between cameras on his surveillance screen. “Oh, they’re out doing some recon while I watch the cameras. Unfortunately, Christmas is a time for crime. So, we’re cracking down until the holidays are over. What brings toi here?” he replied.

    “I was getting a little cold in my habitat and was hoping if it’d be cool if I stayed here until Alice bothered to turn up the heat,” Marlene told him....
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“We Meet Again”
November 4, 2013

    “Skipper, remember last week when toi couldn’t remember where toi laid your mug?” Kowalski asked, coming out of his lab with a small device.

    “Yes, but I found it. What’s your point?” Skipper answered.

    “Well, Skipper, with this device, we’ll never forget anything ever again! I call it, the Forget-Me-Not!” Kowalski replied, holding up a device that looked like a helmet.

    “Kowalski, are toi sure about this? What if it — I don’t know — fries our...
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Stripes 03.16.16

Note: This installment contains implied Skilene. Perceive it as toi will.

— § —

“. . . and I want Rico on aerial surveillance,” Skipper a dit to his team down in the HQ. “Private and I will scout the ground. We’ll —”

“Hey, guys,” a dit a voice from behind, causing the team to instinctively jump into combat position. Marlene flinched and held up her paws. “Whoa, guys! It’s just me.”

Skipper relaxed his stance and rolled his eyes. “We’ve already told you. You’re not authorized to just drop down here without permission. We are in the middle of a classified...
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Kick in the Head 03.03.16

Note: This installment is humanized. It’s a silly improv idea I thought of and I randomly decided to turn it into a little ficlet.

— § —

Marlene sat at one of the chairs at a beauty shop, waiting for her stylist to come. She looked through a magazine that showed a bunch of women with various styles of hair, occasionally looking into the mirror and imagining her with a particular one.

“Ooh, girl! Look — at — you!” a woman a dit as she came to her side, fluffing her hair a bit. Her nametag read Tange and she had a thick, nasally Brooklyn accent. She had to...
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Foreign 02.24.16

“Morning, Nari!” Marlene a dit one morning, excitedly nudging her habitat-mate and adoptive sister. “Come on, wake up!” she urged, eager to get out in the Monterey sun.

Nari stretched her arms and legs with a yawn as she sat up. “Marlene, the morning will still be there in ten minutes,” she complained with a smile.

Marlene laughed and pulled her arm. “Don’t be a wimp! Come on! Let’s go for a swim!”

The two went outside their cave-like room out into the California spring morning, Marlene at the lead while Nari lagged behind. Marlene colombe into their pond while...
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Horror 02.07.16

“All right, team,” Skipper a dit into his radio. “Good work. I’m returning to HQ.”

After jumping down from atop the Zoovenir Shop, he started toward HQ after a long afternoon of surveillance. But prior to leaping into his habitat, a scream came from Marlene’s. Dropping the radio, he leapt into her habitat and dashed into her cave.

“Marlene!” he called. “What’s the trouble?”

Marlene stood on her bed, holding her Spanish guitare like a bat and scanning the floor.

“It was right there! I saw it!” she screamed.

Skipper, still in combat position, awkwardly scanned...
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Innocence 01.12.16

Disclaimer: MaryRose is an OC owned par GrandOldPenguin. She is featured in his story, Beyond DNA as well as its short sequel, Operation: Fluffy rose Sugar. While credit for the idea and écriture of this installment is mine, MaryRose belongs exclusively to GrandOldPenguin. In addition, I highly recommend lire both Beyond DNA and Operation: Fluffy rose Sugar if toi haven’t already.

— § —

“Ugh! I can’t believe this!” MaryRose complained as she dropped into HQ, where Marlene was washing dishes.

Skipper dropped in behind her. “MaryRose, I told toi not to go places...
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Happiness 10.19.15

Note: This installment is rated T for sensitive material. It occurs between the scenes during one of my other works, Many plus Miles To Walk. I have been working on a sequel to the story on and off for the past year, but I am unsure when it will be made public.

— § —

Kowalski looked at the test results splayed around his bureau as if he could change them just par staring them down. He’d done the calculations multiple times, hoping to find a mistake ou something that would miraculously fix what had happened.

He sighed deeply and leaned vers l'avant, vers l’avant on his elbows, rubbing his temples...
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Dying 04.04.15

Note: This installment is humanized.

— § —

Skipper sat in the emergency room waiting area, his face in his hands, as he waited for the doctor to come back with news. His college roommate and best friend, Kowalski, sat suivant to him, wishing he could think of something to say to bring him comfort. They’d been waiting there for almost an hour. Finally, a surgeon stepped out of the operating room, her hands and arms wet after scrubbing out. She pulled his face mask under her chin.

“Mr. Guin?” she inquired toward Skipper, who stood.

“Yes. How is she?” he asked rubbing his...
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Insanity 02.02.15

Warning: This chapter is rated T for some disturbing images. If toi want to ask me what to expect in a comment, feel free to do so.

— § —

“Boss,” called a homard minion as he approached the villainous dolphin, Dr. Blowhole. “Boss, we’re—ready when toi are,” he a dit uneasily.

Dr. Blowhole grinned coldly and turned to him with a burning eye. “Excellent, Red One. Prepare the operating table,” he purred.

The homard swallowed and nodded, exiting without another word.

Blowhole looked back into the mirror, looking at the bandages around his right eye, his grin fading...
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posted by fox_tamer_113
Here's chapter 5 everybody! :D

Sorry for the VERY long wait...
I think it's almost two years from my last update...


I want to thank LeonardFan, theWOLFPACK15, egel_0507, Marika_1996 and TheRatKing1 for commenting last chapter! :D

Anyways, lets continue on the story!


Dimension 1 (Evil Me)

At Marlene's Habitat

After patching Marlene up, the penguins decided it was a good time than ever, to ask Marlene about her dimension. They first asked her, what happened to her.


I-I... Go wild whe-whenever I go outside..." Marlene mumbled, frowning.

"We know... Trust us, we have first hand experience...
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This is basically montrer all the body's that the penguins found while in heavenly host, and how they were killed and what zoo they went to, tell me what toi think about it:D

Central zoo high

Cause of death: stabbed multiple times, tongue removed

Cause if death: possessed par evil spirit and hung himself

Central zoo elementary

Cause of death:crushed par Supernatural force against wall, died instantly

Seaville high
Cause if death: stabbed multiple times all over...
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A/N: I know, I know, I'm 6 days late. Whack me with a hammer and beat me with a stick.

“Ok boys, toi know the drill.” Skipper remarked. Nodding, Kowalski and Rico headed to the left tower whilst Manfredi and Johnson to the right one. Skipper stayed up in a arbre to keep watch. It was the first time he tried to lead a mission, and wanted everything to go perfectly. In fact, everything did seem fine, the security guards positioned in places where they wouldn’t obstruct the team, when he heard it. A low, droning noise, coming from behind him. Whipping around, he saw the plane heading right...
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Dear Readers,
If toi expected this to be another chapter of Crossroads, I am sorry to say that this is not what toi expected. The song 'Shadows of the Past' is a song I wrote that has a whole lot to do with the Crossroads story. If you're sick of musique and tired of trying to imagine what the tune may be, I'm not asking toi to do anything toi don't want to. If you're in the mood, then par sweet dandy Candy I'd say sit back and enjoy it! X3

I was a kid with bigger plans and bigger slips than the suivant guy.
I had some Friends who'd trip toi up, then make for the sky.
Every kid has a time when they...
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"no, no, Marlene, be thinky about it!" Julien a dit through the radio, Marlene just turned off the radio and headed towards the château like the others; but suddently, a flash passed through the surprised eyes of the five, and Maurice's ship burnt down

"help!help!" Maurice screamed, the team ran to his ship to secure it from falling, but it simply banished into thin air, letting the team very confused. secondes later, the ship reapeared, but it was perfect.

"what the heck just happened?" Marlene shouted, very confused. The Commander (I MEAN it! last time: he's Private) took word in the radio

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So Colonel,Kassie,Richie,Secret and James were heading back to the zoo.Kassie/Kowalski arranged for a caisse to be delivered to the penguins habitat.
------In The Crate-In Afternoon----
"You're stepping on my foot!" "Your Flipper is in my ribcage!" "Eg bleh ug bu!" "Get your head out of my stomach and that's an order!" "Can't...Breath... Lungs...blocked." It was a small crate.Big enough for two penguins,but waaaay too small for five penguins.

"Hey...I...think... we're...almost..there.",said James/Jazzy."He" was right.When the zookeeper put the caisse down and left,the guys came bursting out,gasping...
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posted by fox_tamer_113
3rd Chapter! Awesome! :D

I want to thank LeonardFan, Marika_1996, and Icicle1penguin for reviewing last chapter! :D

Anyways, lets continue on the story!


Dimension 1 (???)
Penguins HQ

At pressing the button, the penguins was shocked, shocked enough to drop the tape-player. They were shocked, not at the message, but who was saying the message.

It was... Blowhole.

As the shock left Skipper, he picked up the player and pressed play again, for it turned off when it touched the floor. As the others snapped out of their shock, they listened for a clue...

"help me... *cough* I, Dr. James Kelno Blowhole,...
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posted by fox_tamer_113
At The Penguins HQ

Inside the HQ, the penguins are waiting for Kowalski to montrer them his new invention, which is under a piece of cloth, just like every week. The others, mostly Skipper, are getting bored at Kowalski's inventions.

"Okay Kowalski, Wow us" Skipper said, bored, sipping a cup of coffee. suivant to him are Private and Rico, waiting for Kowalski to start.

"Okay, as toi know for a couple of weeks my inventions are a bit useless-" Kowalski started.

"Yeah, no duh" Skipper commented, as he continuing sipping on his drink.

"As I was saying" Kowalski glaring at Skipper "I heard someone say that...
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