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Okay. I just read the article myself out of undying curiosity (click link to read it yourself), and I have to say . . . I'm laughing my tail feathers off. This is what I would say if I had the opportunity to talk to this guy.

Ms, Inkoo Kang,

Your "review"—if toi can call it that—on the upcoming Penguins of Madagascar movie is laughable. This so-called review delves too much into your interpretation of everything about the movie that was wrong, give ou take that one statement about almost enjoying that one chase scene. If toi wanted to give a proper review, toi should've first donné much plus information on how the movie could've been improved and WHY the points toi mentioned were wrong, rather than just stating WHAT was wrong. toi want to talk big words and over-analyzing faults? Try this on, Ms. Inkoo Kang.

toi have focused too much on the film's faults, giving only one side to your argument. To provide a solid and sound argument, one must point out why the other side to the argument is wrong. Allow me to demonstrate.

toi claim the penguins are "unfunny, unmoving, and uninspired," but toi never explained why toi think so. I'll have toi know many think the penguins are funny at least at times. Whether it's a one-liner ("We killed 'em and ate their livers.") ou it's just an action (Come on, the penguins playing at the train controls in the third film was a little funny. Just a little.), there's at least one thing the penguins have done to make someone laugh. Even if they haven't for you, doesn't mean they're necessarily "unfunny." toi just have a different sense of humor, I presume.

As far as "unmoving," I admit the penguins haven't had many "moving" moments in the "Madagascar" trilogy. However, as far as the trailers go, toi have to admit, Skipper bringing the young hatchling (Private) into his brotherhood was just a little moving. Of course, I wouldn't know this until I watched the movie, especially since toi didn't explain why toi felt it was unmoving yourself.

"Uninspired"? Do toi know not the meaning? Inspired; adjective: aroused, animated, ou imbued with the spirit to do something, par ou as if par Supernatural ou divine influence (dictionary.reference.com). What makes toi think the movie is uninspired? I'm thinking it might be inspired to, I don't know, make people laugh. There's probably some better message in the movie as well, since, from what I've seen from DreamWorks, there always is if toi think hard enough. I have yet to figure out what it is myself, since I obviously haven't seen it, but I'm sure I can come up with something. My guess is that it'd be along the lines of brotherhood ou something, but I don't know yet.

Speaking of, toi say the film has a "distinct lack of purpose." Which films do toi think has a purpose? It would have been absolutely fantastic for toi to have donné us some examples for why toi believe the movie has no purpose (you have a right to uphold your opinion, but toi have to support it if toi want others to agree with you). Furthermore, what would've donné the movie purpose for you? Your thoughts on that would've been nice. toi also mentioned that the movie "caters to an audience that doesn't exist" because of the references not many people would get. How would toi know that? My best friend is a fan of a montrer I've never even heard of until he told me he liked it. How do toi know no one will understand those references? While many people will not, it still brings a smile to the face of those who would get that reference. Additionally, the movie may still bring a smile to the face of the unknowing "eight-year-olds" because I would imagine it still has funny moments. Even if they don't get a reference, doesn't mean they won't find it funny (I've found references funny without fully understanding them. I know I'm not the only one). I realize I'm ignorant to if these references will be funny ou not, but then again, not everyone has the same sense of humor as I.

toi a dit that there "isn't much to the film's story, yet it's stuffed to the gills with plot." If there's one thing I've noticed about DreamWork's films, it's that it's never just a story. The "Madagascar" trilogy relays the message that accueil isn't where toi are, but who you're with. "Shrek" is a story about acceptance, correlating to the idea that everyone's different, and that's okay, and toi have to accept yourself and others to truly be happy. "Kung Fu Panda" sends a message in that to accomplish anything, toi have to first believe in yourself ("There is no secret ingredient"). It all starts with you. Even if this movie is an exception to this idea, it would be really awesome if toi would've explained why toi feel that way.

toi mentioned that Dave's character is basically ruined because of his humor. Last time I checked, audiences l’amour a villain with a little humorous side. A villain that's too dark wouldn't appeal to younger audiences anyway (ooh, that reminds me of your "point" made earlier. hm . . .).

First and foremost about your thoughts on North Wind, it's a SEAL, not an OTTER. If toi don't know the facts before toi propose an argument, then you've basically ruined any chance of gaining support because people will believe toi have no idea what you're talking about. Second, what makes toi think Eva's only purpose is to be sexy? How do toi know they're not also relaying the idea that women can be intelligent as well? Not to mention that from what I've seen in the trailers, Kowalski is the only one falling for her. toi could've at least explained why it seemed that way to you.

The following paragraph is merely just my opinion of your argument about Classified, and has nothing to do about how toi presented it. I must say, I do partially agree with your argument about the pompous Agent Classified, but I think it's pretty awesome that Skipper has someone in his same covert classification to be compared to, causing a humorous clash between the duo. And I believe he wants a little plus than just "taking the credit." How do toi know he just doesn't want animaux to be safe? How do toi know he doesn't want some credit because he feels as though he needs the support from his team? Meaning, if he doesn't seem as though he made a success conceived with his help, he won't seem as important, and North Wind will see him as a failure? You'd be surprised what insecurity can drive someone to do. Of course, that is only my opinion, and I would not know until I watched the movie to make my own interpretation.

I have no problem if toi like the movie ou not. But if you're going to post a review for the whole world to see, DO IT RIGHT.

Now, did toi see how I presented my counter-argument? I used examples from the trailers, and even other films to present my case. I also mentioned your side of the argument to help montrer a contrast between my and your opinion, as to allow my readers to make up their own minds, rather than present one side and BOMBARD them with my opinion, presenting it as if it were solid fact. Your very vague descriptions of your opinions don't exactly tell anyone why they shouldn't watch it. All I see is, "Don't watch it because it's bad." If toi would've just explained why it's bad, then toi would've done just fine, and I wouldn't have a dit a word.

Lots of love, peacebaby7

To the fanguins, the main reason I wrote this is to make those who found the "review" unsettling realize how overly-critical this article was. Based on the few commentaires on her review, I see I'm not the only one who feels that her review could've been a lot better. I was not judging the fact that she didn't like the movie, but rather that she just needs to put plus thought into her reviews. Your thoughts on my thoughts on her thoughts?
Even though the first half of the video is really cool with the "I Like To déplacer It, déplacer It", I have to say the seconde half is my favorite. It's really cute. :3 Those lucky little kids. :)
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Source: I drew it
posted by Dracofiredragon
Skipper:Kowalski,status report.

Kowalski: *writing his notepad* I think new Animal is entering the zoo,sir.I can't sure what animal is it.

Private: *hiding behind rico*Ack!Not the badgers...

Rico:*slaps Private*he,it enogh tu baters he'e!

Skipper: New habitat is complete builded. What do toi think what kind of animal is it.

Kowalski:*blushed* Doris..

Private:Rainbow horses!


Kowalski:*tapped Skipper in his shoulder*Skipper,look!!

Private:but,why it was caged and covered with blanket?

Skipper:It may a very dangerous creature.

Kowalski:maybe..a Dragon?Bah.Its too Imposible.

Skipper:we won't find out if we not get there.

Penguins:*Slide into the new habitat*

In the new habitat.....

Penguins:*Kung fu pose* HYA!

????:what on the deuce?

Skipper:Who are you?

Draco:I'm Draco.Can toi guys get me outta here?I really want to see my new home.

to be continued..
Skipper just looked at her. Her skull had cracked in half, she was red, there was no white left from all the blood. He gently lifted her up, carried Starlite in his arms, Marlene followed. The other penguins stayed to try to wake the unconscious Private. Skipper carried her to the vet's door, he put her down gently and knocked on the door, he slid away and hid behind a dust-bin with Marlene. The doctor came out, gasped and lifted her up. Skipper looked away, Marlene gently touched his shoulder, he looked at her, she was full of hurt and sorrow. He couldn't bare to see her like this, especially...
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User: Hello?

Cleverbot: Who is this.

User: I'm Fred.

Cleverbot: You're fred?

User: Yeah. Well that's what my parents named me. It could have changed since then.

Cleverbot: How do I know you're not lying?

User: How do I know I'm not lying?

Cleverbot: Because I'm a nice person.

User: That's nice.

Cleverbot: Ask me a real question.

User: Okay.

Cleverbot: Person, place, ou thing?

User: What?

Cleverbot: So how would toi define yourself? Are toi yourself because of your actions, ou are your actions based on who toi are?

User: I'm a squirrel.

Cleverbot: Yes toi are a squirrel.

User: Uh-huh.

Cleverbot: Haha.

User: What's funny?

Cleverbot: You.

User: Um good. I guess.

Cleverbot: You're hopeless...

User: salut that's what Granny tells me!

Cleverbot:  *facepalm* 

User: Why are toi hitting yourself?
Day 5

“How we lookin’ Private?” Eve asked approaching him. They were in a small hut not too far from the prison.

“Everything’s running smoothly. Did toi talk to Skipper?”

“Yeah. He’s proud of you.” Private smiled.

“Really?” Eve patted his shoulder.

“You bet. He thinks of toi as a son toi know.”

“Wow…he has been like a father to me.” Eve smiled. “Eve…can I ask toi something?”

“Sure. Anything.”

“Do toi like Skipper?”

Eve opened her beak to speak, but ended up saying: “Uh…I…well…”

Private giggled. “It’s okay. Your secret is sûr, sans danger with me.”

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Here is the seconde part to my fan fiction. Enjoy.

I easily jumped over the wall. For some reason I thought my fellow teammates would be there to greet me. I really miss them, Skipper, Kowalski, Private, and Rico. I miss Manfridi the most, after all, he's my brother.
I landed in the hippo habitat, ou what was the hippo habitat. I saw no hippos, though. As I left the habitat, I saw the plate that told what the animal was. The old hippo habitat is now the Asian loutre habitat. One change down, many plus to go.
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In DreamTropolis
Tom Tucker: Well, it seems the Masked Power Racer is in front and he seems to have Team manchot, pingouin in the car.
P: Are toi sure toi don't mind sharing your titre with us?
Power Racer: What matters is that toi guys are alright. (the car crosses the finish line)
Kent Brochman: THE MASKED POWER RACER AND TEAM manchot, pingouin WIN!!! (everyone gets out of their cars)
K: Thanks for helping us during the race.
S: But, still, why did toi help us?
Power Racer: Well, guys. This might be shocking.
Tom Tucker: It seems like the Masked Power Racer is about to take off his mask. (the Power Racer slowly takes...
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suivant morning 10:00 am...

skipper woke up, feeling dizzy, strange and confused, he remembered last ninght, and then thought on what happened on brazil....

"wow, looks like someone doesn't feel really good" Private a dit sarcasticly as he let out a small grin which the other 3 penguins could not see

"sorry Skipper, but after what happened last night, we thought toi shoud sleep more" kowalski pointed out

Skipper let out a large yawn and looked at them, then, he answered "don't worry actually, I was thinking on making this a free day!" he said, trying o hide his anger with a small false smile

he left...
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It's been a long time and there are stories that need updating, but a lot has been happening so please excuse all of the hold up. I'm working. Credit goes to Marilyn Manson for the song, as do all the other artist that may ou may not be used.

This originally was not intended to be a Slash fiction, ou any pairing for that matter, but I decided it would entertain toi guys more, and help me build on the story, since I write romance better.



I can tell toi what they say in space
That our earth is too grey
But when the spirit is so digital
The body acts this...
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 Blowhole disliked taking the eyepatch off...
Blowhole disliked taking the eyepatch off...
Okay, here come the antagonists! Please review! :)

That very same day, at that very same time, there where four penguins and a dauphin who had just swum away from the explosion.

The location. The location was hard to name. It was a haut, retour au début secret chargement dock, and from what I can tell you, it's in New Jersey. As you, the reader, is familiar with it, it is that place in 'The manchot, pingouin Who Loved Me'. And, it was also a few seconde before it had ended.

"Skipper, do toi suppose we've finally seen the last of Doctor Blowhole?" Private asked, as the penguins slowly waddled away from the dock.

"What a delightfully...
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Note: Hey, peeps! I hope toi are enjoying this story. I have really enjoyed écriture this story. It gets really sad, and I even teared up typing this. Thanks so much for reading. toi guys rock! ;) I'd appreciate some commentaires this time. Thanks so much!

A man stepped in the room, a whip and two muzzles in his hands. Cracking the whip, he sent all the penguins running, expect for Rico who just gain consciussness. The man lashed Rico's back and Rico turned to growl, but the man lashed at him more. Rico pounced up trying to attack the foe. Instead of reaching his objective, Rico was seized and hushed...
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the suivant mourning.

Skipper: come on guys we got to keep moving.

Marlene: skipper just face it were Lost in the middle of nowhere and Kiva is feeling weak.

Skipper: don't say that Marlene we will survive and Kiva will survive too.

Mort: my feet are burning!

Private: i know your feet are tired Mort but we need to keep going.

Me (weak): and trying very hard to stay alive.

Skipper: listen to me Kiva toi are a Rebelle and tough souris toi survived cheating death twice before toi gotta cheat death out of this one.

Me (weak): okay I'll try my best skipper.

then our luck change.

Private: skipper look.

Skipper: what...
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Rico regurgitated a flame thrower and it landed in Skipper's flippers. Then he aimed it straight att Lilly! "No!!!!" Cried Kowalski and Private as they hugged eachother. Skipper's gone INSAINE!!! Skipper pulled the trigger and sent a huge flame straight for Lilly's butt! She instantly felt the seiring pain and woke up. " AHHH!!! What the--" Lilly saw the sneers on her friend's faces. " Uh.. salut boys... watch'a up to?" Lilly knew why they were angry with her. Skipper just had to say something about what she did, and he's just FULL of paranoia. " Why did toi steal Kowalski's invention!? Are you...
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I've just found this cool review of the book "The Art of The Penguins of Madagascar." It's really nice because, even if toi haven't got the book yet, toi can see all the pages in the book, the drawings, the paintings and that's really awesome. :3
art of the penguins of madagascar
Les Pingouins de Madagascar
north wind
Chapter 2: A Mistaken Chosen One

Once again, Private wrote down everything about the dream again. Who is this close person that will be mistakenly picked as the chosen one? he thought. He hid it under his oreiller and went to sleep again.

Later in the morning, Messenger Xai Lang arrived. "Mail for Skipper."he said. Xai Lang dropped the scroll and then flew away. Then, Skipper got it. He opened it and read to see a happy news.

Dear Skipper,

Congratulations! toi are chosen to be the chosen one according to your ascendants. toi will fight, die and save the world. Leave your city tomorrow. Once again,...
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Note: This is just supposed to be a conversation between all the animals. After I've completed, feel free to give suggestions for the continuing of the conversation. Lastly, I hope toi enjoy it! :D

Skipper: "And the zoo's meeting will now come to order!"

KJ: "Oh smelly waterbird! I will have a fruit smoothie with mangoes, grapes, um... grenade and--"

Skipper: "Not that kind of order!"

KJ: "Well suivant time toi will be making yourself plus clear! I was looking vers l'avant, vers l’avant to that smoothie..."

Mort: "I will make the smoothie!"

Skipper: "Can we just get on with the meeting please!"

KJ: "I am royalty! I...
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Skipper and Kowalski make it to Doris's habitat right before Rico and Lilly left. Doris actually had something to say to Kowalski, so he stayed behind. "Hi Kowalski." Doris a dit in a sweet voice. Kowalski couldn't believe the girl of his dreams was talking to him,so he stayed quiet. " Well, I just wanted to say that im sorry how I treated toi yesterday. I really didn't know how much toi liked me until Lilly told me. toi really are sweet." Doris gave Kowalski a tender Kiss on the beak!( sorry mrs.kowalski!) He suprisingly didn't faint....."THUMP"......Nope....he just did. Dorris giggled to herself...
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Fast-forward until the time code is 3:19. The guy chant sounds JUST like Kowalski!
Les Pingouins de Madagascar
salut this is my first fanfic, so plz no hate! :)
This chapter will be Kat's POV btw
Sorry I haven't been écriture much, I've been busy :(

Okay, I think I'm on Skipper's good side now, and that's good.
Today I tried some of his poisson coffee, and it wasn't too bad I guess

All was great that morning, except when Marlene came over, probably to pick another fight with Skipper

Marlene's POV:
I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE! I need to go see him NOW!
End of Marlene's POV

"Skipper this is KILLING ME! Do toi wanna hang out?" She says



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