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Paul McCartney What is your favori Paul McCartney compilation album?

44 fans picked:
All the Best!
Wingspan: Hits and History
Wings Greatest (with Wings)
 maybeastarbucks posted il y a plus d’un an
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BeatleGirl999 picked Wingspan: Hits and History:
some AMAZING stuff on this album!
posted il y a plus d’un an.
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rosaliehale22 picked Wingspan: Hits and History:
i like wingspan the best
posted il y a plus d’un an.
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megann1992 picked Wingspan: Hits and History:
This is the album that made me fall in love with Paul's music.
posted il y a plus d’un an.
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gizmo0228 picked Wingspan: Hits and History:
Wingspan very very narrowly beats all the best. It just simply is amazing. Now all the best might have even my favorite if they had included maybe I am amazed and tug of war. Wingspan is a favorite of mine for the sheer scope of his career. However I do hope for a mew compilation because these albums miss the ninetys and onward.
posted il y a plus d’un an.