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Parenting Question

Room sharing.

I am most certainly not a parent, but I was wondering if I could have some advice. This club seems to be dead like most others, but why not give it a try.

So I am 14 and I have to share a room... with my six an old sister. We have to share a room since we have a 3 bedroom house and I have two younger brothers who share the other bedroom. I am going to have my room reorganized with new furniture and stuff since I am currently even sharing my lit with my sister since when she first moved in I had a Queen sized lit and she just kinda got tossed in my room since she was too old to stay in my parents room.

Like I a dit I am redoing my room and getting rid of A LOT of stuff and getting new beds and I am wondering if anyone has ideas on how to divisé, split up the l’espace and what comprises
Should be made for things like what stays and decor. Currently I HATE the way my room is decorated. There is freaking glittering fabric pinned to my walls, as well as over my bed. There are also garlands of both fake fleurs and fake fleurs plus sparkly bird cut outs also on the walls (i picked out the decor when I was 7, okay...) I HATE IT, but my sister wants it to stay... It is a large bedroom if that helps at all with what to do. We are just both at different points in our lives and we are very different people. I was not half as over the haut, retour au début girly as she is ever. She wants everything rose purple and sparkly with a uniforn on it and a Barbie and a princess. I do not want that. At all. I tolerate pink, but not so much sparkles, barbies, unicorns, and princesses... plz help.
 SeaOfMoonlight posted il y a plus d’un an
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