Les Frères Scott Out of my favori funny lines which one is yours?

Pick one:
Brooke-"This has turned into one big rectangle+1 whatever that is."
Peyton-"Thats a creepy threesome."
Haley-"How many girls have toi slept with fabio!"
Tim-"Dude smell me" Nathan-"Dude Kiss my ass."
Brooke-"Answer the question Brooke!"
Peyton-"Go Brooke yourself."
Brooke-(in church) "Bitch toi need to stop...oops sorry!"
Brooke-(hugging Peyton)"I wanna have babies" Peyton-"With me?"
Anna-"Oh my eyes I'm blind!"
Lucas-"All these years we called him Skills I though it was cuz of basketball."
Brooke-"For Lucas game on Brucas."
Peyton- "Atleast your a dedicated Bitch!"
 othgg90210rule posted il y a plus d’un an
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