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It's becoming plus and plus obvious that Monkey D Luffy is the future Pirate King, in the new opening song: "We Go" It shows Gol D Roger, the former Pirate King wearing Luffy's straw hat, then Shanks, who is one of the Yonko (not sure about spelling) and then Luffy.
Also his name; D, I keep hearing about the Will of D, but I'm still not sure what it is, but i think it has to do with becoming extremely powerful and having the ability to do the impossible and reach their dreams, I dunno, I'm just guessing.
Earlier on in the anime, when they were still in Logue Town, the bartender who once served...
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"Devil Fruit" has been featured, meaning it was chosen as an article of interest.

Devil Fruits are mystical fruits found in the world that can give the eater many different and varying kinds of strange and interesting abilities, depending on the type and variation of the fruit itself.

There are some seen only in the animé and different ones seen only in the manga. However, most of them appear in both and are crucial in the storyline where many main characters possess their powers.

According to Oda, a "certain professor" will explain the complex mechanisms behind all of the Devil Fruits in the...
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Sexy Nami We Are Who We Are (Finished)
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Nami sat in a small clearing in the forest facing the sea. Keeping a fleur in her lap as she thought out loud: "Does he like me? I like him... does he know I like him?". Idly she tugged single leaves of the flower, one at a time as she pondered her time away, as the sun slowly sank into the ocean Nami decided she'd have to go back to the ship, dîner would soon be ready after all, and she didn't want to keep him waiting, as she knew the chef wouldn't let anyone touch the nourriture until she was back, unless it was Robin of course, she chuckled silently at the thought of the chef swooning over Robin...
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Do I like him ou not? These words happen to fill in many people's head telling if they actually are falling for the ones they think a couple of idiots. To Nami, it's been very hard for her. A thief, navigator and of course a pirate hater who happens to be a pirate after all. For Nami l’amour has never been easier for her. She has been thinking if she likes the retarded and stupid captain, Monkey D. Luffy. Well sure he saved her many times but does she actually like him? ou will he likes her back. Now this is their story, on how the smart navigator got together with the stupid but nice captain....
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Just a warning, this article DOES contain spoilers, so unless you're okay with that ou fully caught up, then steer clear of this article.

Four years il y a I wrote an article titled: "Parents Anonymous - Who Are They???". Link: link
(Although it isn't necessary to read it as I will be talking about everything it says in this article).

In this article I go though all of the Straw Hats and gave a few theories for some of them as to who I thought their families were, and pointed out the fact that for most of the Straw Hats, we don't actually know their biological families at all.

On this article I...
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As is a dit in the title, this article will be talking about chapter #825, and while there won't necessarily be spoilers, I will be talking about a single panel in the chapter, so procede at your own discretion.

The theory that Lola is Big Mom's daughter has been around for a long freaking time. As soon as Lola a dit that she had a Mom who was a pirate in the new world, it seemed that everyone automatically jumped to the conclusion that her mom must be the most powerful woman in the ocean: Big Mom.

I thought that the idea was plausible from the beginning, there are certainly similar characteristics...
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Zoro - 18 Mizu - 14

Mizu's POV

I sat there watching my brother my brother talking to a boy in a straw hat. I couldn't hear them from the distance

I'm at but, I know Nii-san was asking to be untied. He's been tied up for 9 days with no food. I'm worried he's going to die from hunger but, then again we have gone a bit longer with no nourriture so I'm sure he's fine. I hope. I watched a little girl climb up a latter suivant to straw hat and pinky. She hopped over the mur and held out some riz ball. She was wherein a huge small that it made me smile. She's so cute!

Seeing Helmeppo in the distance in jumped...
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In the series, a number of characters have the middle initial "D.". This mysterious middle initial has been called the "Will of D" (Dの意志 D no Ishi?) ou "D's will" par several characters in One Piece. Some translations mistakenly refer to it as "Gol D's will" in reference to Gol D. Roger, the late pirate king. The English dub par 4Kids chooses to refer to the D as the "Gol D.'s will", while the FUNimation dub refers to it simply as the "Spirit of D." both deriving from a mistranslation of the original Japanese text. In the recap supplement Grand Line Times, they were referred to as the "Men...
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I came up with this when thinking about what it would be like to be a pirate captain like Luffy, Shanks and the best of them all or Roger.

So basically follow the example below to let everyone here know about your greatest fantasy.

Pirate Crew Name: The Bounty Pirates

Captains Nickname: Tsunami Luke <-- (not my actual name)

Captain's Powers: Mizu-Mizu no Mi (Water Water Fruit) which is a logia type devil fruit that basically allows him to control water (which is ironic since he's also weak against it)

Flag Description: A skull with the sign of the berry currency for their eye and two broad swords in a traverser, croix position behind the skull.
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