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Chap 2

Part 2: Dinnner
Elena's P.O.V
I went to the cuisine room and cooked the meal with my mother. She looked at me and patted me on my head:
" Oh, Elena, u look so browned off!"

" Oh, mommy, don't worry. I'm just abit homesick!" I tiredly smiled.

" Nope, u can't conceal your feelings from me cuz I'm your mother. I know u still miss Kha! Oh my darling, I think u should forget him. It's often a dit that out of sight, out of mind"- She cherishedly looked at me.
" I know, mommy. It's so difficult. Any way, I will try." I said
My eyes turned toward – " why do u cook a lot of carrots?"- I changed the topic.
" U don't know?"- My mom was so shocked- Louis is crazy for carrots! And these spaghetti dishs belong to the other"
"Okay"- she continued- " make that dish for me, it's Harry's. Be careful, don't give that any pepper. Today he's abit sick and he can't eat pepper!"
" Can't eat pepper!"- I chuckled and suddenly I had a brainwave!

* * *

Harry's – P.O.V

Oh, that jour I had been practicing a lot. I went to the dîner room together with Louis and tool a siège suivant to him.

Mrs. Kim smiled in a friendly way:
"Have a delicious meal . I hope these dishes are to your tastes.
Louis seized the dish carrots and ate gluttnously.
" toi eat as if toi are swallowing them without chewing!" I burst out laughing-"Haha"
Niall and Liam looked at each other and giggled excitedly: " That's Louis!"
I held my dish and start to taste spaghetti. Suddenly I spat all of it just when I ate a little.
All my dish was just pepper! I hurriedly drank a big mouthful of water .
Aw, terribly! This glass was not water but totally be salted water! Who dared to make it?
" It's u, Elena!" Mrs. Kim worriedly looked at me and Elena.
" Oh, mommy, I didn't do anything!" She smiled.
Then she looked at Mrs. Kim guitlessly! It must be that crazy girl. She looked at me and a dit gently:
" Oh, poor u! I'm sorry for mistaking ketchup for pepper!"

Shit! Look at her face!
She was such a loup in sheep's clothing. I wanted to kill her but I can't... > <

( to be continued)
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