Noah Wyle Noah Wyle and Tracy separate

Eline_K posted on Jan 16, 2010 at 04:56PM
Hey guys,

I'm sure you heard about Noah Wyle and Tracy Warbin separating. If you didn't read link.

I was shocked! I truly believed he was one of the few celebrities who found a way to really make a marriage work, but I guess not... Are my parents the only people in this world who can actually make a marriage work?! It seems like everyday now I hear about (what I thought) were good marriages that fall apart? I know a lot of celebrity marriages don't last because of all the media attention and stuff, but I really toughed theirs was rock solid! I'm confused...

I'm happy to hear they didn't break up with a huge fight, and that they're making sure their children are well protected and they still see both their parents daily. That sounds like Noah to me.
Let's hope they'll be left alone.

So what to you think about this?

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