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Kai-Lan's Royal Adventures is a fan made spin-off of Ni Hao, Kai-Lan. The series will center around Kai-Lan Chow as the empress of China, with Rintoo as the emperor. Along with them is Hoho as the prince, plus Tolee and Lulu as the king and Queen and many more. The montrer will also include new characters. It will be produced par HarringToons Productions and Beacon Pictures in association with 20th Century renard télévision and Sony Pictures Television. The montrer will premiere sometime in fall 2011 ou spring 2012.
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Kai-lan: oh hi there salut look it's night, and that means its lit time are stories had haricot, fève Read Now a lullaby.
(Music begins)


The Earth is spinning, slowly spinning


The stars and moon now fill the sky


Magic glow, the night's beginning


So sing a la-la-la-lullaby

[Peanut gelée beurre Brobee Kai-lan Milli Spyler Tubb Sploshy Finbar Terrence Winona Reg & Amelia]

La la lullaby
La la lullaby


Sing, sing to myself a la-la-lullaby


The Earth is sleepy, very sleepy
The ocean rocking rive to shore


In each house, igloo and teepee
La-la-la-lullaby some more
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Kai-Lan's Royal Adventures
Season 2, Episode 4
"Rintoo in a Mess of Trouble"

[The episode begins in the royal playroom. Rintoo, Tolee and Hoho are playing a game of marbles, and it looks like Rintoo is winning.]

Rintoo: And it looks like I remain the king of marbles. Who thinks they won't beat me?
Hoho: Rintoo, how do toi even manage to play like that?
Rintoo: A marble master never reveals his secrets. Besides, I don't wanna give out secrets right in the middle of the game, do I? Now, who's turn is it?
Tolee: I think it's my turn. Now let's see if I can be able to knock those out the way.

[Tolee concentrates...
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Kai lan and Pinkerton, who is wearing noise cancelling headphones go out to stop the 3 musketeers, a.k.a petunia, snowy, and Fliqpy. Suddenly, Pinkerton presses a button. Button: hydrant! Hydrant! Kai lan: Pinkerton this is the third time toi pressed the bathroom button. Look Pinkerton, in the suivant quarter mile there is a hydrant. And after we stop this as enjoyable as shaking my butt music, I will get toi some bacon. Pinkerton presses another Button. Button :Bacon! Bacon! But he later goes back to the hydrant button. Button: hydrant! Kai Lan: UGH! I mean... Can't toi hold it in for the next...
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It's Kai lan's birthday, and then someone rings the doorbell. Kai Lan: I'll open the door. Kai lan opens the door and she sees Pinkerton at her door with a gift and a miss toi card. Kai lan: Pinkerton? What are toi doing here? Aren't toi supposed to be with Kenleyfox? And why is this a miss toi card instead of a happy birthday card.Oh well, I will read this card. Card : dear Kai lan, I could not come to your birthday party because I had to go back to Canada because my species are going extinct and there, my species will reproduce. Please take care of Pinkerton for me. Your best friend, Kenleyfox....
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