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I have some great news. I have decided to release the entire first season of Kai-Lan's Royal Adventures for your entertainment pleasure.

Here is how it'll be done:

I'll put each episode into a ZIP folder and anyone who wishes to own it can ring me up.

All toi need to do to receive the folder is leave a message on my page with your e-mail address and I'll send it to toi ASAP.

If there is anything toi would like to ask me concerning the release of the season, feel free to contact me at my e-mail address: ou on my profile.

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ni hao kai-lan
ni hao kai-lan
Kai-Lan's Royal Adventures
Season 1, Episode 10
"The Great White Trophy"

[[The episode begins with Rintoo and Lulu in the living room.]]

Rintoo: salut guys, I have an announcement to make.
Hoho: What is it?
Rintoo: Well, as toi know, there's this competition to see who can make the best invention in China. First place gets this big trophy with a white crown on it. I'm telling you, this is gonna be an awesome contest.
Kai-Lan: Well, that's really good. What do toi think you're gonna invent?
Rintoo: Well, I haven't thought about it yet. But when it comes to me, it'll be the scoop of the century.
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Kai-Lan's Royal Adventures
Season 1, Episode 3
"The Noble King"

[[The episode begins with Kai-Lan and Hoho willingly looking at a photo of the Monkey King saving a cat from a tree.]]

Kai-Lan: Check out this deadline, "The Monkey King willingly rescues cat from a falling branch."
Hoho: That is the most awesome thing he has ever done. It's like he came out of nowhere.
Kai-Lan: Only he's not a stranger, he's...
Kai-Lan and Hoho: The Monkey King!
Hoho: The Monkey King can do all sorts of things.
Kai-Lan: Yeah, like fly, do silly things and jumping really high.
Hoho: The Monkey King can save anybody.

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Brobee crying
Kai-lan i Know how toi feel Brobee
brobee sobbing i know kai-lan but what about Spyler
Spyler but bot what about brobee he is par best monster friend
Milli its okay spyler
Bot spyler toi will find your way
spyler I will
bot yeah

You can lose a toy toi bought
Or lose a game toi play
You can lose your train of thought
If toi don't find it, never mind it
But if you're traveling to and fro
And toi get Lost someday
You've only Lost the way to go
And toi will find your way
You will find your way

[Spyler ]

(Hmm, I don't know, Mr. Bot.)


However lost
However far
You're never lost
From who you...
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Source: Nï Hao Kaï-Lan: Hoho's Chïnese New an Coïn Catch - Old Flash Games
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ni hao kai-lan
nick jr.
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Kai-Lan's Royal Adventures
Season 1, Episode 12
"The Mystery of the Hasty Fish"

[[The episode begins with Rintoo, Hoho and Tolee in the front yard of the palace, playing a game of Go Fish.]]

Hoho: Rintoo, do toi have a six in your hand?
Rintoo: Hmm. No, go fish. How about you, Tolee?
Tolee: I don't think so. Unless I've looked really hard. [[Tolee looks really hard at the stack of cards in his hands. He then notices a six in his stack.]] As a matter of fact, I do.
Rintoo: I'd realize that.

[[Tolee lays the card down on the pile.]]

Royal Advisor #1: Emperor Rintoo! We have a very big problem.
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"Dim Sum, Lose Some": YeYe teaches Kai-Lan and her Friends how to make dim sum.

"The Lulu Above and the Rintoo Below": Rintoo wants to fly in the air like Lulu.

"It's the Natural Thing to Do": Kai-Lan and YeYe go on a trip to a new safari park… only to find that Rintoo, Tolee, Hoho and Lulu are slated to be the new animaux on display!

"High But Not Dry": Kai-Lan has to wear diapers because she wets her bed.

"Standby… Lights! Camera! Kai-Lan!": After attending a Hong Kong film festival, Kai-Lan decides to make her own movie.

"Travels with My Ants": The Ants are curious about what's on the other...
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