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 my sis
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my sonic character
1.Most people do horibble at recolors Im not stating names.2.Recolors are well just plain sad.3.It takes skill to draw a Self draw charector it takes a computer and recolor input to make a Recolor charector.4.If everyone Recolors charector people like me dont get.Ok now 90% of this club hates me.(Giggle).And I dont care.I'm just stating the truth almost all of the sonic charectors I can draw I learned how to draw myself.Oh yeah and people stop making clubs for your fan charectors please thats kinda self-centered.Well thats it I hope this artical got toi trying to draw your own fan charectors not recolor them.Thankyou
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This is my fan character Sky the hedgehog.

Name: Sky
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Red
Body Markings: Stripes
Realationships: Boyfriend
Boyfriend: Shadow
Look alike: Shadow
Friends: Amy, Cream, Blaze, Ash, Tikal,and Rose
Brother(s): Green the Hedgehog
Sister(s): None
Foods I like: Pizza, macaroni and cheese.
Likes: Video games
Dislikes: Being bothered par my brother
Quills: Yes
Superform: Moonlight
Powers: Comet Control, Homing attack, Chaos Blast.

Was once human. Was turned into hedgehog par machine. (This information is shown in Shadow and Sky: The happy ending. In the Shadow the hedgehog spot) Saved par Shadow. Shadow and Sky began a relationship. Even thought not married, the live together.

That is all.
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Here's Rina's Profile!!!, Tell me if toi have any questions!:

Name: Rina the Hedgehog

Age: 13

Gander: Female/Girl

Country: Green Forest(None-Country)

Currently living in: Her Big, Girly and Cool arbre House made out of Trees, Coconuts, Leafs ect.

Love stats: No crush, Single

Fav Color: Green

Eye Color: Green

Likes: Jumping arbre To Tree, Animals, Neture, The Sea, Anything that has to do with Neture, Stars, Making Wishes, Shooting Stars, The Night, Rain, Chao, Peace

Dislikes: Evil, Eggman, Being mean, Distruction, Bad words, Being called sexy, chienne ect.

Ability: Jumping high, Not getting hurt par flame,...
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Theme song: Ugly par the Sugarbabes

Likes:Her Friends and ice skating

Dislikes:Fire,being left out and evil people

Ablities:Using ice and ghost based moves
Boyfriend:Sonic the hedgehog (Her real boyfriend is a fan character called Rai)

Friends:Britney the hedgehog,Aura the Lucario,Embrace the Gardevoir and Angela the Togikiss (All of them are my fan characters!Except Britney.She's my sister's fan character)

Rivals/Enemies:She currently has no rivals but her enemy is Gothica the hedgehog