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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Jerry narrates the rest of the story.

Narrator: Testifying went just as well as I hoped. Thanks to Vito's suicide, I was able to stay away from the Costanza's for the rest of my life.
Judge: Mr. Costanza, for your crimes against the United States of Equestria, toi will receive a life sentence in Chicagoat, the city where toi committed most of your crimes.*Bangs his gavel*
Narrator: Michael was sad to lose me, and Vito as his employees, so the FBI gave him 50 grand, and a new Ferrari F40. He became good Friends with Ivan when he saw that he also had a yellow sports car from Italy.
Ivan: *At a drag...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Vito & Michael were working together to fix a Chrysler when Jerry arrived, out of breath.

Michael: Jerry?
Vito: What happened to you?
Jerry: I need to talk to you. Those two ponies toi spoke to yesterday weren't FBI. They were from the Costanza's.
Vito: Dammit. What the fuck do we do now?
Jerry: I spoke to a real FBI agent. He'll come over tomorrow to help us.

Next morning, the FBI agent arrived in a yellow Lamborghini.

Vito: That's an interesting car for an FBI agent.
Ivan: *Steps out of his Lamborghini, and walks to the door of Vito's apartment*
Jerry: *Opens the door* Morning.
Ivan: salut boys....
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Jerry felt happy as he returned to his apartment.

Vito: toi seem happy. How was work?
Jerry: Fun. Michael allowed me to fix my car for free.
Vito: That was kind of him. You'll probably have to fix it again within the week, but it's the thought that counts.
Jerry: How was your day?
Vito: I got a visit from 2 ponies from the FBI.
Jerry: The FBI?
Vito: They say they want to help us stay away from our family.
Jerry: How do toi know they weren't in disguise?
Vito: Come again?
Jerry: What if they were really from the Costanza's?
Vito: I don't think the FBI would allow that to happen. They're usually on track...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Song: link

March 3rd, 1987

Narrator: Things were going downhill for us again since Harlan was killed. We moved back in San Franciscolt in 1983 to hopefully hide under the noses of our family, and avoid rejoining their life of crime, but that plan was slowly failing. Vito started buying plus guns, and sometimes got in trouble with the police. He would end up in frequent fights with them, and sometimes even shot them. He threatened to leave me to fight on my own if we ever encountered the Costanza's, but I'm already fighting on my own while Vito is dealing with the heat. It at least helps me focus...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
January 24th, 1986

Boss: *Talking on the phone* They've been gone for 5 years. I highly doubt this will bring them back.
Mr. Costanza: *Watching a snow storm in Chicagoat while talking to the San Franciscolt boss* We need to keep trying. They are sabotaging our organization.
Boss: They haven't called the cops on us.
Mr. Costanza: But they have killed dozens of our members. Our own flesh & blood. It's getting tough finding ponies to get made for our family.
Boss: There aren't as many Italians in this country as there were forty years ago. Perhaps we shouldn't worry about nationality, and just...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Michael & Vito were still working on the Cadillac during Jerry's absence.

Vito: I'm sorry, can I use the bathroom?
Michael: That's fine. I should be able to do the rest of this on my own. When you're done, kindly bring in the Honda.
Vito: Yes. *Walks to the bathroom*

Lucky for Jerry, he was able to keep the Costanza scenario a secret. He came back quickly after getting out of the taxi.

Jerry: Where's Vito?
Michael: Bathroom.
Jerry: Okay. Vito & I used to work for the Costanza's, but we left 4 years ago, hoping to find an easier way to make money.
Michael: It must have been tough for toi guys....
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
January 15, 1985

Michael was having an excellent afternoon with Jerry & Vito. The three of them had a lot of hard work, but they enjoyed being with each other.

Michael: *With Vito, and Jerry, working on a Cadillac* We've had to work on 15 cars so far.
Vito: We could beat our record of 16.
Jerry: Time to grab a drink. toi guys want anything?
Michael: *Gives Jerry a dollar* I'm going for a Gatorade.
Vito: Get me a water as well.
Jerry: Okay. *Walks to the water cooler, and vending machine*
Michael: Oh, can toi get me a spark plug from the back room?
Vito: *Nods, and walks away*

As Michael continued...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Harlan walked into the apartment, feeling very pleased with himself.

Harlan: Another spectacular jour of railroading complete.
Jerry: *Walks in with Vito*
Vito: Finally, our employment problem is over.
Harlan: Where are toi guys working now?
Jerry: Mike's Autoshop?
Harlan: Never heard of it.
Vito: It's only a couple of blocks from here.
Jerry: The owner is a hedgehog.
Harlan: Oh.
Vito: We start tomorrow.

The suivant day.

Michael: *Watching Vito & Jerry walk into the shop* Mornin' fellas. You're early.
Jerry: What are we doing first?
Michael: Can toi work on the Subaru? I already placed it on the lift for...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Song: link

April 30, 1984

Narrator: A whole an passed, and luckily, there was no sign of the family anywhere nearby. Unluckily for us, we were making less money. Vito & I got fired from 7-11 as part of an April Fools prank.

Skip the song to 2:17

Narrator: For over 300 days, we've been trying to find another job, but nothing happened. Harlan tried getting us jobs on the Southern Pacific so we could work together, but we couldn't pass training. The two of us recently saw an ad for a new autoshop opening nearby, so we decided to check it out.

As Jerry walks with Vito, they start a conversation....
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
March 8, 1983

Narrator: Vito somehow convinced the manager to allow the three of us to stay in The Ink House for the entire two months we went hiding in Zinfandel. It was time for us to head back to San Franciscolt. We would be hiding right under the noses of the mob. Our apartment was on Cora Street. Harlan got a job in Alameda working for the Southern Pacific as an engineer. He quickly gained experience while me and Vito worked at 7-11.
Vito: *Mopping the floor* How the hell do so many ponies drink lots of coffee within half an hour?
Jerry: It's a nightmare.
Boss: Hey, less talking and plus working....
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Vito explained to Harlan what happened as they drove north from Napa to Zinfandel.

Harlan: Again?
Vito: Again. If we stay around there any longer, chances are, we'd be dead right now.
Harlan: Where are we going to stay?
Vito: Well since toi gained tons of money for us, we'll go to a hotel. I don't know how long we'll stay there, but once they make us leave, we'll have to go to a junkyard, and make do with what we have.
Harlan: Which isn't a whole lot.
Vito: No it's not.

Another phone call from Chicagoat to San Franciscolt was made.

Mr. Costanza: Did toi find them yet?
Boss: Yes sir, but they escaped....
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
The suivant day, Q tried again to kill Vito, and Jerry.

Q: *Arrives in his Towncar with two other stallions*
Vito: *Walks out of the house, but spots Q, and quickly runs back upstairs*
Q: *Driving towards Vito*
Stallions: *Shooting MP5's*
Vito: *Dodging the bullets as he runs into the house, and upstairs*
Q: *Stops in front of the house* After him!
Stallions: *Run into the house*
Vito: *Makes it to his room, where a Stoner63 awaits him*
Stallions: *Going upstairs*
Vito: *Shooting the two stallions*
Q: *Hears the gunshots* Oh damn! *Drives off*
Vito: *Leans out of a window, and shoots Q's gas tank*

The car...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
January 8, 1983

Vito: *Arrives at accueil in his car*
Q: *Waiting in a sedan with two other stallions* That's him.
Stallion 42: That sure is a nice house.
Vito: *Walks out of the car*
Q: Shoot him.
Stallion 38: *Looks back* Cop!
Q: *Pulls out a map*
Police Pony: *Stops behind the sedan, and walks out of his car*
Stallion 42: Oh shit.
Q: Relax. *Opens the window*
Police Pony: salut guys, toi need some help?
Q: Yeah, I think we took a wrong turn. We're trying to reach Los Angeles.
Police Pony: toi know where 221 is?
Q: I think so.
Police Pony: It's just east of here, so toi go right. Then keep heading south. Then...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Jerry: Sorry, but I got nothing.
Vito: I don't feel like dying. That's the reason we left the family in the first place.
Harlan: *Hears a car* What's that? *Looks out the window*
Vito: What is it?
Harlan: A cop.

The three stallions started to panic, but Vito had a plan.

Vito: I think I know what to do. Go upstairs and let me handle this.
Police Pony: *Rings the doorbell*
Vito: *Opens the door* How can I help toi officer?
Police Pony: We got a complaint a while ago. Apparently this morning, some ponies had a gunfight just in front of your house. toi know anything about this?
Vito: No. I was riding the...
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