My Little Poney which should be the suivant arbre friend to enter my fanfic?(nutty and flippy aren't listed because they're already there)

Pick one:
Pop and Cub(father and son, son gets killed a lot)
Truffles(background character)
Cuddles(i have no idea)
Toothy(no idea)
Handy(handless, annoyed easily)
Giggles(no idea)
Lumpy(very stupid, kills people with sheer stupidity)
The Mole(blind, stupid)
Disco Bear(i don't know how to describe this one...)
Russel(fisher, all i can say)
Petunia(neat freak, once killed herself to stay clean)
Shifty and Lifty(steal things)
Flaky(very shy and parinoid)
Mr. pickles and Lammy(sweet innocent agneau and a killer pickle)
Splendid(tries saving peoples lives and accidentally kills them)
 flippy_fan210 posted il y a plus d’un an
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