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This is my first article for this club and so I hope that toi all enjoy it. It took a lot of time researching all the different cutie marks, choosing which ones I liked the most, and finding pictures for those ponies. Anyways feel free to leave commentaires and become a fan if toi really like it. Before I start I want to make it clear that this is opinion based. If toi are unhappy with what I choose toi can tell me so in the comments, but do so in a mature manner. Meaning please don't cuss in response to my article ou to other comments.
Now that that's out of the way let's begin. And once again...
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The montrer that defined an entire generation of not simply adults, but people, is actually not as good as toi think it is.

I, going back to my roots of... let's say a an ago, am going to be the asshat that tells toi why. I do this mostly because I was inspired par a really shitty article I found while lazily scrolling through facebook.

Not saying it's a bad thing to watch this show, of course. I'd be a hell of a hypocrite for saying that, and even I know it.

I'm also not claiming this montrer is bad. I'm just being an idiot and claiming it's not AS good as it's hyped up to be.
(these are also not...
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