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posted by Seanthehedgehog
 Bob Newhart
Bob Newhart
Theme song:

This is the story of a stallion named Bob Newhart. He lives in Fillydelphia with his wife, Emily. They have a friend that sometimes visits them, named Howard.

Bob has a great life. He's a therapist, and helps out many ponies that have a problem. One day, he arrived at work, three ponies were waiting for him.

Lily: Good morning Bob.
Sam: How has your jour been Bob?
Mr. Carlin: Wonderful weather we're having, eh Bob?
Bob: Yeah, it's wonderful weather we're having. What's the matter with toi three?
Sam: Mr. Carlin says that the two of us are lazy, because he want's us to wash his car.
Mr. Carlin: Just do somepony a favor, okay?
Bob: Mr. Carlin, if toi want your car to be washed, but don't feel like doing it yourself, go to a carwash.
Mr. Carlin: That costs money. I want somepony to do it for free.
Bob: I don't think that's possible. You'll have to pay the ponies that wash your car.
Mr. Carlin: I don't have enough money to get a carwash though.
Bob: Do toi have any kids?
Mr. Carlin: Only one. Why?
Bob: I know a lot of colts, and fillies that like to have fun with water, sponges, and everything used for cleaning a car. Perhaps your little poney would like to clean the car for free.
Mr. Carlin: Yeah. Good idea.
Bob: Excellent, I'm glad we could fix this. So, is that the only problem?
Lily: Yes, thank toi for helping us.
Bob: Alright, toi three come back anytime toi have another problem.

Later, at Bob's apartment.

Howard: *On smartphone*
Emily: Howard?
Howard: Yes?
Emily: How long have toi been on my phone?
Howard: Oh, this was yours? I've been playing Candy Crush for so long, that I forgot.
Emily: How many lives do I have left?
Howard: One.
Bob: *Enters his apartment*
Emily: Hi Bob.
Bob: Hello Emily. *sees Howard on smartphone* Need extra lives Howard?
Howard: Oh no, this is Emily's phone.
Bob: Well, don't toi have your own phone?
Howard: I used to, but it got destroyed on the last plane I had to fly.
Bob: How?
Howard: Let's just say I was too busy to see where I was sitting.
Bob: Oh, I see.
Emily: How was your jour dear?
Bob: It was alright. I had three ponies come in, because one of them tried to create some slavery over a carwash.
Emily: Well, toi don't have to worry about that anymore. I just finished preparing dinner. toi two can eat whenever you're ready.
Howard: Alright, just as soon as I... *Fails level* What?! When did a bomb get there?
Bob: salut Howard, how about we have some chicken, instead of a rage?
Howard: *Puts phone on table* Okay.

2 B continued
 Mr. Carlin
Mr. Carlin
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