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posted by Seanthehedgehog
The airport was not far away from us now. All we had to do was wait for Snips to fly in

Shredder: *stops bus*
Sean: *looks at entrance to airport*
Nazi: *drives truck past gate*
Snips: *flying airplane* Omaha to control tower. Omaha to control tower. Do toi copy?
Airport controller: This is Control Tower to Omaha. Identify, over.
Snips: We're in serious trouble. Request permission to land. Over
Airport Controller: We're not sure if that's possible.
Snips: One engine is not working. We're losing altitude.
Airport Controller: toi are clear for immediate landing.
Snips: Thank you. *goes toward runway*
Shredder: There it is *drives bus*
Nazis: *close gate*
Shredder: *crashes through gate*
Nazis: *shoot at bus*
Sean: *kills Nazis*
arc en ciel Dash: *reloading*
Snips: *lands*
Nazi pilots: *at airplanes*
Shredder: *pushes airplanes into gas canisters*

Soon, the airplanes were on feu from the explosion caused par hitting the gas canisters

Snips: *goes to turning point*
Airport Controller: Fighter wing 126, get your squad over here! Fighter wing 126
Shredder: Get the control tower!
Sean & arc en ciel Dash: *shoot at control tower*
Airport Controller: Ahhh! *dies*
Nazis: *driving car*
Shredder: *driving bus*
Sean: *shoots driver*
Nazi driver: *flips car over*
Nazis: *following in another car*
Snips: *waiting*
Shredder: *turns right, then left*
arc en ciel Dash, Cadence, Joe, Sean: *Run to airplane*
Shredder: *shoots Nazis*
Sean: Hurry up!!
Shredder: *gets on airplane*
Snips: *moves airplane*
Sean: Get down *lays on floor*
Others: *do the same*
Snips: *gaining very little altitude*
Nazis: *shoot at airplane*

A few of the bullets nearly hit Snips, but soon we were up in the air, and away from Nazi Forces, heading back to Ponyville

Sean: *gives book to Spike*
Spike: *reads book* Twilight joined them?
Sean: Yeah. We decided not to tell toi until now.
Spike: I can't believe Twilight would do such a thing.
Sean: And Diamond Tiara, and Silverspoon.
Spike: All three of them?
Sean: Eeyup. But it's not as interesting from the one name that's missing.
Spike: What name is that Sean?
Sean: I have it in this book. *gives it to Spike* I think you'll find it amusing.
Spike: *opens book*

Spike flipped through a few pages, and found the word Spike

Sean: It's your name Spike. Surely toi would've expected it. Otherwise, why would toi come here to meet us? To make sure things didn't go as good as Luna intended.
Spike: That's surprising *grabs gun*
Sean: I always knew toi never liked me, and since your master joined Dr. Robotnik's army, toi decided to follow in her footsteps.
Spike: Now your guessing Sean.
Sean: Your pointing that gun at me, because I'm not guessing. Silverspoon was originally supposed to shoot me with that gun, but instead she was assigned to killing Colgate, which is why she died when we landed in Bethlehem.
Spike: And what about the other two that weren't with toi when the operation started?
Sean: arc en ciel Dash was brought into this mission because I needed her help getting into the castle. Shredder was the only member of the group I could trust, and Doughnut Joe casted a spell on us to make us look exactly like a typical Nazi soldier.
Spike: Your very smart, but I'm afraid your intelligence ends here.
Sean: Go ahead, and pull the trigger. But Luna took the precautions of removing the firing pin from that very gun before she even breifed us on our mission.
Spike: *pulls trigger*

Nothing happened

Sean: Why don't toi put the gun down Spike?
Spike: *puts gun down*
Shredder: *points gun at Spike*
Sean: Not so hasty Shredder. We must bring Spike with us alive.
Spike: What now Sean?
Sean: toi will be placed underarrest par Celestia's royal guards, and hanged for treason.
Spike: Public trial would be embarrasing. You're the only one that knows I work for the Nazis. Assuming that-
Sean: You're finished Spike.
Spike: *shocked* Very well then. *stands up*
Sean: May I have those books?
Spike: Certainly *gives Sean books*
Sean: Thank you.
Spike: *opens door* *looks angry at others*
Sean: *looks at Spike*
Spike: *jumps off*
Shredder: *Sighs, then walks to door* *Closes door* *walks back* Is that it Sean?
Sean: Yeah, we got everything complete.
Shredder: Do me a favor will you? suivant time toi bring me in one of these things, let's do it my way.
Sean: I'll give it a try.
Shredder: *smiles*

Song for Ending Credits link

Sean: *falls asleep*
arc en ciel Dash: *sits suivant to Sean*

The End

Characters used

Good guys

Sean The Hedgehog
Shredder Dash
arc en ciel Dash
Big Macintosh
The Wonderbolts: Spitfire, Soarin, and Fleetfoot
Princess Luna
Vinyl Scratch
Doughnut Joe
Princess Cadence


Twilight Sparkle
Colonel Kramer
Major Von Hapen
General Rosemeyer
Major Jones
Major Wilhelm
Colonel Weissner
Dr. Robotnik

The End

A Seanthehedgehog Production

Copyright 2013
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Sunset Shimmer tried to turn people into BUMPIR CARHZ
arc en ciel dash
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My Little Poney
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The Staff was ready.

    After the Implementation of many enchantments, including "magic amplification," the time had come for Starlight Glimmer to test her new magical item: the Destiny Removal Staff. The name needed a bit of work, and was definitely a mouth full, but that was a work in progress. Of course, the staff was nothing plus than a simple piece of wood, and would continue to be nothing plus extraordinary than that. However, the staff now acted as a conduit for her spells (along with a few illusion spells). She could, in theory, make any of her spells...
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aléatoire dialectics: The Season 5 Opener

Hello and welcome to the newest article of aléatoire Dialectics! I know I haven't been on here for a while, but there are many new changes in my life, including my line of work and my schedule, which offers me significantly less free time than before. However, I can safely say that I have successfully survived the one an “pony-drought”, so what else could be the topic of our article than My Little Pony? Today we're going to take a look at the Season 5 two parter. Needless to say, if toi haven't seen the episodes yet, SPOILER ALERT! toi have been warned!...
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Now, when Five Nights at Freddy’s came out, it was a massively populaire game at the time. And, it still is today, creating a seconde and third game, as well as hundreds of fan theories. Then, the fan made games came along. They were all hit-or-miss. Sadly, most of them were miss. But, without a doubt, the biggest fuck up would have to be Five Nights with Ponies.
This is exactly what toi would expect. It is Five Nights at Freddy’s, but with My Little Pony. And that’s it. No story, no explanation, not even instructions on how to NOT FUCKING DIE! toi are literally just thrown in, and… my...
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Forget flying. Just take the train.
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My Little Poney
posted by BlondLionEzel
WARNING: There will be plus swearing than last time (And it'll be plus intense)

Well, I've already done three points on Flash Sentry, and now I'm going to add a new one and I'll debunk counter arguments against this a**hole.

#4: He's a cliche

You all know this one. The nice a**hole who is always nice and is never wrong. This was okay in the 60's, when the CCA didn't allow anything else. However, this is a movie in made in 2013. Times have changed. Men are no longer characterless husks who are only made to be buff and make little girls faon, fawn over!

And debunk some dumb counter arguments......
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Credit: Lupi Arts ; A cover of the song "She's a Vampire" based on the fanfic "My Roommate's a Vampire" with an animation.
My Little Poney
vinyl scratch
my roommates a vampire
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It's long, it flows, and it's Applejack's mane.
my little poney
My Little Poney
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And she's also a sex addict.
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My Little Poney
posted by PeacefulCritic
To be honest, It's almost Christmas and I haven't done anything for that Holiday. Just because I'm working on a new review series that wouldn't be finished until after New years. There's obviously something wrong with that. So, out of guilt I'm giving toi my review on "Snowdrop".Ah, yes the infamous and Famous "Snowdrop" from "SillyFillyStudios". This piece of fan made episode left a big impact on plus then just 400 of us.

Why's that exactly well, for that we have to look into the main character herself Snowdrop. She's pretty likable. She has a personality,development and a lot, a lot of sympathy,...
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Source: Deviant Art, Joyreactor
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