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We now had to time travel to when King Sombra was making his time machine, and prevent it from being finished so none of this would happen. Discord's plan however would screw things up for us.

Sean: Are we clear?
Pinkie Pie: All clear!
Discord: *sets up rifle*
KS: Are toi sure about this?
Discord: I have a fusil, carabine of course I'll kill him, and if I don't we'll send a team out there to kill him, and get the machine.
KS: Ok
Catie: I hope toi know what you're doing.
Discord: Of course *shoots rifle*
Sean: That nearly hit me!
Pinkie Pie: toi got a sniper, hurry!
Discord: Go! Kill them!

Communists were sent to kill us, but all they did was kidnap us, and destroy the time machine.

Discord: I told toi to kill them!
Cpl. Myass: I thought toi a dit kidnap them.
Catie: toi should have let me give them the order! They don't care about your lousy english.
Discord: Why are toi speaking it then?
Sean: Hello? Prisoner here!
KS: He broke out!
Sean: I was never your prisoner to begin with. Cya!
KS: He's probably going to free the others.
Discord: Not if I have something to say about it! *runs off*
Sean: *Frees arc en ciel Dash & Pinkie Pie*
arc en ciel Dash: Thanks. Now lets get outta here.
Sean: Right. We have to kill Discord, Catie, and King Sombra first. Then I can use chaos control to time travel 12 hours ago.
Pinkie Pie: Where did toi establish that?
Sean: It's before the time machine is created.
Discord: *grabs sword* Hello fuckface!
Sean: Oh great toi have that. ME TO! * grabs sword*
Pinkie Pie: We need help!
arc en ciel Dash: I wouldn't say that just yet Pinkie Pie.
Sean: *hits Discord's stomach*
Discord: *swings sword like mad*
Sean: blocks attacks*
KS: feu at him!
Communists: *shoot toward me*
Pinkie Pie: OMC!
Sean: Pinkie! *throws sword*
Pinkie Pie: *catches sword* En Guarde! *Acts random*
Sean: *grabs gun from soldier* Hope toi don't mind, just borrowing this.
Communist Soldier: Not a problem. Wait, what?!
Sean: *kills soldiers, and King Sombra*
Pinkie Pie: *fighting Discord*
Discord: *throws Pinkie Pie out window*
Catie: What?!
Sean: Stop!
Catie: Chaos Control!
Sean: *grabs Catie*
Catie: *runs toward Sugarcube* Discord, I'm in Ponyville, and need back up!
Discord: Ten 4
Sean: *grabs Catie* Wrong move. I'm going to kill all those soldiers toi just called for. Your best chance of surviving is if toi call them off.
Catie: *grabs walkie talkie*
Sean: Call them off. CALL THEM OFF!!
Catie: Discord. *stares at me* toi wouldn't kill me. You'd miss me.
Discord: Yes?
Catie: Double the-
Sean: *shoots Catie's head* I never miss.

With that out of the way, how about checking on Discord?

Pinkie Pie: Nice try Discord.
Discord: What?!
arc en ciel Dash: No one throws my Friends out of a window! *kicks Discord*
Discord: I did not want to have to do this. *tries to discord arc en ciel Dash*
arc en ciel Dash: That's not going to work *kills Discord.* Ok, lets blow this up.
Pinkie Pie: I thought we were time travelling!
arc en ciel Dash: Change of plans. Get out now.
Pinkie Pie: *grabs parachute, and jumps*
arc en ciel Dash: *plants bomb* I'll set it to blow up in 10 secondes flat.

10 flat secondes later. The death egg blew up.

Sean: What the hell?
arc en ciel Dash: Oh yeah! That was awesome!
Sean: Yeah, but that car was in there.
arc en ciel Dash: Oh. I forgot.
Sean: Yeah, I did to.
arc en ciel Dash: I'll make it up to you.

To be continued.
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Chapter 1 - Is it a prank?:

The air was warm, the sun was shining, and everypony in Ponyville was having a glorious day. The town square was bustling and crowded and busy ponies filled the streets. All the poney folk seemed to have somewhere specific to be. All except arc en ciel Dash; her place was in the sky. She tore freely through the air, speeding one way and the next, buzzing the arbre tops and racing the wind. The blue pegasus swooped over a schoolyard, much to the delight of the children, then climbed several...
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