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posted by leeannsmiley
지아 Jia
Name: Meng Jia
rendez-vous amoureux, date of Birth: 1989.2.3
Nationality: Chinese
Height: 166cm
Weight: 45kg
Position: Main vocalist, rapper

수지 Suzy
Name: Bae Su Ji
rendez-vous amoureux, date of Birth: 1994.10.10
Nationality: Korean
Height : 168
Weight : 47kg
Position: Vocalist

민 Min
Name: Lee Min Young
rendez-vous amoureux, date of Birth : 1991.6.21
Nationality: Korean
Height : 158cm
Weight : 49kg
Position: Vocalist

페이페이 Fei Fei
Name : Wang Fei Fei
rendez-vous amoureux, date of Birth : 1987.4.27
Nationality: Chinese
Height : 165cm
Weight : 47kg
Position: Main vocalist
The two members of Akdong Musician are in the middle of a tough decision making process right now. They’re choosing which of the ‘big three’ agencies to join, but miss A‘s Suzy might have made that decision a lot easier to make.

During a récent interview with the ‘K-Pop étoile, star 2‘ winners, Akdong Musician’s Lee Chan Hyuk let his inner fan boy out when he received a letter and an autographed CD from his ideal type, Suzy. The letter from Suzy read, “I was really glad to meet Akdong Musician. Also, congratulations on your win. Continue to let many people listen to your good songs in...
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Word around the rue is that the cast of ‘Book of the House of Gu‘, Lee Seung Gi, Yoo Yun Suk, Suzy, and more, are getting along well off-screen.

Recently released behind-the-scene photos montrer Lee Seung Gi and Suzy looking like the perfect couple in their matching costumes and ponytails. The two are glowing in happiness, while bystanders look on and smile too. Lee Seung Gi and Yoo Yun Suk were also spotted enjoying some small talk, as evidenced par their smiles, while warming up during a filming break. Both actors were still in their costumes with Yoo Yun Suk drenched in blood from a violent...
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Miss A’s Jia recently posté a photo on Twitter after she darkened her bleached locks to purple.

She wrote, “I dyed my hair to a dark color~ Now I don’t have to dye my hair all the time anymore! Keke But… something’s awkward! I need time~.” As toi all know, Jia debuted with rose hair, and then transitioned to a bleached blonde, so this will be her first time wearing a darker hairstyle.

fans responded, “Jia, you’re so cute~ your hair matches toi well!” “Wow~ Your hair’s pretty! It’s good that toi don’t have to dye it anymore~ Ke,” “Pretty.. But dying your hair isn’t good for your health.. don’t do it often.”

Jia later added, “It looks like a wig to me~~ I can’t get used to it. Thank you~ I should only do this color from now on. I’m really going to stop now! T.T My hair has suffered so much!”
posted by leeannsmiley
1.When Jia calls for Min, she says "Meenyuhyah!!!"(*beauty)

2.Min loves puppies..

3.Min loves to play Call Of Duty

4.Min is also Rain’s junior...

5.Jia's korean language ability is possible as a korean translator

6.Jia had entered auditions at her school to become JYP trainee..

7.Fei often appear in Zhejiang Television...

8.Suzy only trained for 1 an with JYP before debut...

9.Miss A is practicing at JYPE Academy now....

10.On the young age of 12, Min is being trained to
be a professional actor...

11.Suzy's school dress is yellow.

12.Fei have same hair style that will cover her right eyebrow...

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Girl group miss A recently released information through their official fan café regarding their long-awaited comeback.

The quartet hosted a contest from January 31st to Februray 2nd to give away invites for the musique video shoot for the girls’ comeback track. fans who were lucky enough to win invitations attended the musique video filming on February 4th, and showed much excitement to see the girls in person and to get an exclusive taste of miss A’s new sound.

AQ Entertainment stated, “Although we weren’t able to invite many fans, we held this event in order to involve the fans in the process of producing miss A’s new album.”

They continued, “miss A members are working hard night and jour preparing for the new album, so please anticipate it.”
miss A‘s Min and Jia have proved that no matter where they are, they’ll always find a way to have some fun.

On February 4th, Min tweeted this photo along with the caption: “In Macau hotel room with a birthday girl. <3″

The girls are seen balancing on a railing, looking like twins thanks to their identical hairstyles. Some fans wrote that they had to take a seconde look because they couldn’t tell them apart.

Chuckling over the photo, netizens replied, “They’re both cute” and “Jia! happy birthday”,

In related news, Min sang for an OST single for channel A‘s drama “Bachelor’s Vegetable Store“.
Talented girl group miss A have just released a still-cut from their musique video set!

It’s been revealed that miss A, who are expected to make a comeback later this month, wrapped up their musique video shoot on February 3rd and 4th at a studio in the Namyang area. miss A fans were invited to the set through a special fanclub event that allowed them to hang out with the members and get a sneak peek at what’s to come.

The still cut that was revealed on February 9th captured miss A’s signature performance style — a unique mix of sexy and confidence combined with strong moves. In the photo,...
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posted by mieza1089
English Translation:
I hear the breathing, yeah
My body is melting down, yeah
I can’t take it, yeah
I can’t hold it in, yeah

I’m running out of breath, yeah
I can’t think straight, yeah
I can’t control it,
I’m losing control
What’s wrong with me?
Hurry hurry boy
I want you

Kiss Kiss Kiss baby
Hush Hush Hush baby
A little closer,
hold me tight
Give it to me,
give it to me oh
Come to me,
Come to me oh
Give it to me,
Give it to me oh
A secret party

Kiss Kiss Kiss baby
Hush Hush Hush baby
Hot hot make it hot
and melt me
Give it to me,
give it to me oh
Come to me,
Come to me oh
Give it to me,
Give it to me oh

I hear...
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It has been announced that miss A will be joining Park Jin Young in contracting with J. Tune Entertainment.

According to J. Tune Entertainment, miss A inked the contract on January 2nd.

“miss A, who has been under JYP Entertainment and managed par AQ Entertainment, has signed a new exclusive contract with us. With regards to this contract, there were no separate exclusive deposits involved,” stated a representative of J. Tune Entertainment.

They continued, “The company will bring out all physical and human resources to actively support miss A’s promotions. We will utilize all of our resources...
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