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A girl at the Kmart signing meets mindless behavior, and Prineton touches her hand and she has a meltdown.
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salut yall! i'm baaaaaaack!!!! and let me just say i missed yall the reason i haven't been on is because my internet would not work for s__t so it's been a painful mois without internet but here's a story for yall soooooooooooo TURN UP!!!!!!!!

aj pov
so i woke up in the middle of the night cuz.. toi know a niggas gotta pee and i was thirsty.
me:*walks downstairs*
so i went downstairs and and used the bathroom then i went to the cuisine and turned on the lights..... i'm afraid of the dark....... don't judge me. i got some water then i switched off the light and bolted up the staris.... ha! you...
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