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This Michael Jackson photo might contain hip boot and thigh boot.

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Once Leana left michael sat in his dressing room when Berry walked in. "Hey Mike why so down?" Michael just shook his head. "Come on boy toi can tell me what's wrong." Berry a dit as he pulled up a chair and sat suivant to him. "I'm so confused." Michael placed his face in his hands. "Confused about what?" Berry asked. Michael took a deep breath. "Well not long il y a maybe about a week ou so i got a call from my ex fiance rose.....she a dit she still has feelings for me and im not sure who i have feelings for.....i mean i l’amour leana but....ugh im so confused." Michael protested. "Hey now no need...
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A week has now gone by, michael hasnt talked to Lenna much and she has begun to worry. Michael sits in his dressing room deciding wheather ou not to return Rose's call from a week before.

Michael sat in his dressing room off in a daze. He was suddenly brought aback par a knock on his dressing room door. "Who is it?" Michael asked. "It's me Lenna." From her tone of voice he could tell she wasnt very happy. Michael opened the door. "Michael....we need to talk." Lenna a dit flatly. "Whats wrong?" Michael asked. "I dont know toi tell me." Lenna crossed her arms. Michael just looked down at the floor...
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 rain on mj's window....
rain on mj's window....
Michael sat in his accueil alone as the rain outside fell. Michael looked over at the calander which hung over his desk. "Three plus mouths...then its off to europe." Michael thought to himself. Bored michael decided to go on his computer. Michael logged on and began to play solitarie, just then someone called him on his oovoo ou web cam chat. Michael looked to see who was calling him, it was his adopted sister Ali. Michael hit the answer button. "Hey big brother." Ali a dit into the camara. "Hey lil sis." Michael a dit back. "So what are toi doing?" Ali asked. "Um nothing really why?" Michael asked....
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 Ali </3
Ali </3
After Michael was finished with the first light sceme it was time for rehearsal to begin. Michael walked out of the booth to meet up with the dancers who sat waiting for him on the stage. Once Michael was onstage they all began rehearsing.

After about 6 hours of rehearsal, it was finally time for everyone to leave and go home. Michael tiredly walked backstage into the dressing room where he plopped down on the couch. "Ugh....." Michael sighed."I need to stop working so hard." Michael thought to himself as he felt his eyelids become heavy.

Michael didnt know how long he had been asleep when he...
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 </3 l’amour is difficult...only l’amour that is true will survive...Will Michael and Diane's l’amour Survive?
</3 Love is difficult...only love that is true will survive...Will Michael and Diane's love Survive?
Once mary arrived back to her trialer, she took the video of diane talking about mj and burned it to a disc. Mary grinned from ear to ear and the disc was finishing up. "There is no way michael and diane are going to stay together after this." Mary sneered.

Back at the studio michael sat suivant to alicia as began to finish up with making the movie. "Well i guess we are almost done all we have to do is film and éditer 3 plus scenes and we should be good." the director replied. "Well thats good... do toi know when they should be done?" Michael asked. "Oh i dont know maybe august 12th?" the director...
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