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The Jackson 5 are on tour and are traveling to their first stop.'' And this is the beginning of the madness'' Jackie a dit sighing.'' Yeah but it will stop'' Jermaine a dit trying to be positive.''Yeah and this is the start of being trapped in hotels because of crazy girl fans!'' Michael said.''Yeah and it also is the beginning of fun!'' Marlon a dit grinning.The boys nodded in agreement.
The boys made it to their first stop.''Finally!'' Marlon a dit in relief.''Wow,Marlon must've thought it took really long to get...
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 Sitting On The Terrace Of His Palatial Estate
Sitting On The Terrace Of His Palatial Estate
As they were enjoying the romantic evening and having the house all to themselves, Michael did something, which took Maris par surprise, par of taking a piece of chicken and placing it in her mouth in a sweet sexy seductive kind of manner. Maris ate the piece of chicken, and he just looked at her with those sexy seductive bedroom eyes. Things started to heat up again for the clandestine amoureux as they were enjoying their together; in addition, to dining on the take-out nourriture and key citron vert pie for dessert. "Would mind passing me that bucket of chicken", Michael asked, " would also pour another glass...
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