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A few weeks have passed and I was stuck in bed. I was expecting a check-up real soon. When I had gotten out of the hospital a few weeks ago, Michael and I thought about it and decided to try a third time for a child. I had a feeling something happened this time. My check-up was in a couple of hours, so I was kinda sorta getting things together...and trying to be calm. When I had called the hospital, they a dit that someone should be with me to be sure I was comfortable in the room. So I had told Michael about it and he a dit that he'd be there with me, since he had a feeling he should be there....
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During the interview Michael can not focus on the questions, just on Holly. Mr.Douglas says "Holly would toi like to grace us and the audience with a song?" houx being bashfull "Ok." "Now don't be shy." Mr. Douglas tells Holly. houx goes to the little stage they have set up. All of a sudden houx lights up and this amazing voice comes out of this little girl! Michael is speechless, and so is the rest of the audience. Finally the interview becomes over and everybody starts getting their things together. Michael walks past Holly's dressing room. Michael thinks to himself,"should I go in and...
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 Michael, thinking about Breanna
Michael, thinking about Breanna
On the way back to her place, Michael and Breanna were silent. As he focused on the road, he thought about the mess that he was in. He was annoyed with Q and Frank. He did not understand why they waited until dîner to tell him about the tour. If that had happened, he would have time to adjust to the news before it was sprung on Breanna. Michael had mixed feelings about the tour. On one hand, he was excited about it because it was his 1st world tour. On the other hand, he would be gone for 2 yrs. He wondered what would happen to his relationship with Breanna. If she found another guy and started...
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 Michael, the jilted groom
Michael, the jilted groom
Michael Jackson was very excited. Tomorrow was going to be the happiest jour of his life because he was going to be marrying the l’amour of his life, Jade Lewis. He closed his eyes and tried to go to sleep, but it was useless. He sat up on his lit and sighed. Michael knew that the fans would be disappointed because he was getting married, but he hoped that they would be happy for him. He thought about the bachelor's party that his brothers had thrown for him about 2 hours ago.

Because he was a respectable guy, they knew better than to hire a stripper for the party. Of course Jackie and Jermaine...
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MJ wouldn't feu a BAD producer>>>LMAO!!!!

While recording for Dangerous, Michael became frustrated with a producer who was treating people poorly. Rather than firing him, Michael called him into his lounge area and had a secuirty guard throw a pie in his face. No further action was required.

Found it on link which i'm a member of

Michael did not like to see people get mistreated. Glad he had the pie thrown at the jerk producer.
Kenny Ortega is a fabulous person and we really appreciated his time. Here’s what he had to tell us about his new film and his historic collaboration with Michael Jackson:

Q: Have toi had any sleep?

KO: toi know, I haven’t had any sleep for the last few months. I haven’t. During the rehearsals, I worked pretty late hours and then we did the memorial and then we started up on the film and the film was 14 hours a day, seven days a week, every week since we started and then we handed the movie over and it was like mixing. We just came back from 10 days out on the road starting in Chicago with...
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Singer and songwriter Michael Joseph Jackson, was born on August 29th, 1958 in Gary Indiana to parents Joseph and Katherine Jackson.

Michael came into montrer buisness at a young age. At age 5, his father, Joe Jackson, beleived that his sons had great talent, so in the early 1960's,he created a musique group. The group had Michael, and his brothers Tito, Jermaine, and Jackie. Then Michael's brother Marlon joined the group. They were named, "The Jackson 5."

The Jackson 5 signed a record deal with Motown Records in 1968. The Jackson 5's first album, "Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5," was released...
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