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This Michael Jackson photo contains concert, guitariste, and joueur de guitare. There might also be le batteur and batteur.

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 The Whole Gang<3
The Whole Gang<3
Im Just Hear To Wish Blanket A Happy Birthday. Today He Is 11. He Has So Far Grown Up To Be A Good Looking Kid. I Just Cant BelieveHow Long His Hair Has Gotten Lol. To Be Honest I Would l’amour To Be His Friend
1. Because He Seems Like To Be A Fun Person To Hang Out With And
2.Because He Seems Nice And Caring.

When He Was Born Back In 2002 I Just Turned 8 And Now I Feel Old When Im Only 18 Lol. Well Thats All I Wanted To Say So Yeah.

Happy BirthDay Blanket I Hope Its A Good One And I Hope toi Have Fun. Lots Of L.O.V.E.<3
P.S. Always Remember That The MJFamily Will Always L.O.V.E.<3 toi Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Like Father Like Son <3
Like Father Like Son <3
 I <3 U Blanket
I <3 U Blanket
Having checked out and listened to the "25th" anniversary edition of "BAD", I would it's one the best classic recordings I've ever heard; in addition, to the 1982 classic recording of "Thriller". Re-released on Tuesday, September, 18 2012, the updated edition of this classic recording is definitely a real collector's item to add among your musique collection. Alongside this anniversary boxed set is a DVD from Michael's live concert performance at Wembley stadium back in July of 1988 while on tour in England; in addition, and extra C.D, containing new songs, which Michael has written and recorded,...
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 "I ended up crying myself to sleep on Michael's side of the bed"
"I ended up crying myself to sleep on Michael's side of the bed"
*One week later : Friday*

I sat on the canapé watching the newest movie I had made,"Queen of the Damned" and I played the sister of LeStat, Lillia. Michael had wanted to watch it but then left near the ending to get ready to pack for his flight. He had to leave the house par 5:30 and his flight leaves at 6:30 for his tour with his brothers. As I kept thinking about the fact Michael was leaving and I wasn't going to see him for three years, I started to cry but I tried to keep it in. It was hard for me to be without him before. Now since we're in l’amour and engaged, I don't think I can go through...
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It was the summer of 2006 that my whole world would be changed forever. I was only seventeen at the time. I lived in a very small town in Vermont with my parents and my snotty nineteen an old sister. Oh where are my manners, my name is Courtney Brown ou should I say Courtney Jackson. But i'll get to that in a little while, first I want to tell toi a little bit plus about me. During the summers I would work in this pizza place so I would earn extra money, (well that's what I told everyone but the real reason was so I didn't have to hear my parents argue.) My princess sister Heather (that's...
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Hee, hee
Doing it

Love ain’t what it used to be
That is what they’re telling me
Push it in stick it out
That ain’t what it’s all about

He wanna do something keen to you
He wanna emballage, wrap his arms all around toi girl
He wanna shake it up shake it down
Doing it right
He wanna jump back half flap doing it right

He wanna lay toi down
Turn it up
Kicking it loose
He wanna fly high nigh high
Baby for yous

He wanna motor mouth
Float around
Baby the back
He wanna shake it up shake it down
Moving around ha ha

Love ain’t what it used to be, hee
That is what they’re telling me
Push it in stick it out
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