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This Michael Jackson photo might contain fedora, chapeau de feutre, homburg, stetson, trilby, hombourg, chapeau de feutre trilby, plaisancier, leghorn, panama, marin, skimmer, chapeau de paille, barbeau, chapeau, écumoire, paille, canotier, livourne, chapeau panama, sailor, manteau de boîte, and manteau du cocher.

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Setting: A friend of michael's tells him that he should try the salt and ice challenge because it will keep his skin nice and healthly. Also his friend tells him to video tape himself doing it for his Youtube channel.

Michael sets up video camera
Michael: Hello everyone...today i was asked par a close friend of mine to do the salt and ice challenge, so im going to do that and i guess video tape my reaction, ok here is goes.
Michael walked over to the counter where he grabs the ice and then the salt and places them in view of the camera, and rolls up his right arm sleeve.
Michael: Okay so toi take...
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