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January 7, 2012,

I walked through the front door of Aunt Latoya's house and she was still away on business. I went down to the spare bedroom and Carter was taking a nap while Kyle was lying on the bed. I crawled up suivant to him and asked "what are toi watching?" He a dit "that montrer called 'Long Island medium.' It's a reality montrer about this lady who can connect with people who have passed away. It's actually pretty cool!" I laughed and a dit "that's all a bunch of crap! There's no way that she's actually talking to dead people! I bet toi all those people that she has for clients are actors that...
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Meanwhile, Michael and Maris were having lunch; in addition, to enjoying each others company. "What have toi got planned for us," Maris asked out of curiosity, "don't worry your pretty little head, sweetheart, just relax and enjoy the afternoon we have all the time in the world," Michael replied, wanting to keep the romantic interlude a secret, "I promise you,baby, you're going to be in for the the time of your life". "Oh, really," Maris replied, while gazing into his dark bedroom eyes. Michael couldn't keep his off of her voluptuous ample bosom in the sexy form-fitting manteau dress she was wearing....
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as there both standing up and looking at each other in amazement they are speechless as they are queit for about 5 mintues michael finally breaks the ice and askes her what's her name she smiles for a sec and then says im marie she also tells him that she's 21 years old and that she's been a fan of his work since she was a little girl and she is soo excited that she is talking to her favori singer in person she tells him that she wasnt from around there she was from LA michael starts to smile and says well im from california too as michael says this they both started to get excited par the...
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The suivant jour I woke up pretty early in the morning. The sunlight went through my bedroom window. My eyes squinted when I tried to look through the glass. I held my hand over my eyes and got out of bed. I quickly got out of my pajamas and got into my casual clothes. My Mom was still asleep so I couldn't go outside ou else I would wake her up, and trust me, if I wake her up she will be very upset. I just stayed in my room. I grabbed my drawing notebook and a pencil, then I jumped on my lit getting ready to draw. "Hmmm....what should I draw?" I thought. Suddenly, I had a quick flashback of Michael...
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