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posted by Eternalmike
The boys and Joesph got accueil and everyone greeted them."You're home! Yayy!!" Randy a dit hugging them."So... how was Motown?" Katherine asked."It was good" The four boys said."Yeah and Gordy listened to our song and then a dit it needed basse, bass to this part and then the song was better!" Michael said."That's wonderful!" Katherine replied."Mom, I got to tell toi something" Michael a dit pulling his mom aside."What is it?" Katherine asked."It's about Mariah!" Michael said."Yeah, what about her?" Katherine asked excited."We're boyfriend and girlfriend and I kissed her and she kissed me back!" Michael...
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posted by Eternalmike
Tomorrow was here and the boys got up. The boys went to the cuisine to eat."We're going to school again!" Michael a dit excited. The four others groaned."Why do toi like school so much?" Marlon asked."I just like to be with my favori lady teachers!" Michael said. They ate and then got dressed. The five got their bookbags and headed off to school. When the five boys got out of school, they went straight accueil to rehearse.Joesph already had the equipment set up for the boys. The boys came accueil and dropped their livres to the floor.The boys went to their spots and were ready to start rehearsal.Joesph...
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posted by Eternalmike
Background:After years of talent shows,The Jackson 5 are finally getting their big break! They have already auditioned for Motown and are waiting for their call.One day,while the boys were watching t.v, their years of fame and successs begins… <3<3<3<3<3<3<3< 3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3:))))))))))))))))))))) The Jackson 5 were enjoying dessins animés on their black and white t.v."Ahh...watching dessins animés instead of working!" Jackie a dit staring at the t.v screen."Yeah", The four other boys a dit in a relaxed tone.Suddenly,the phone rang."I'll get that!"...
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Alicia was shocked when a small nixon video camera fell out into her hand. Alicia set down the figurine and began to study the camera, which was cut on. Alicia hit the review button and began to look through the footage. The first video showed Michael and Diane sleeping together. The seconde was of Beth on michaels lit that she had covered with the green screen.(you should be able to guess what she was doing) And the last was of her and Michael talking about what to do for Diane on the anniversary of their first date. "Hey michael come up here I found something!" Alicia called out. Michael was...
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posted by MJDirtyDiana829
 Neverland Valley Ranch
Neverland Valley Ranch
A week later Entertainment Tonight covered the story of Michael Jackson's purchase of the palatial Sycamore Valley Ranch in Santa Ynez emphasizing the vastness and magnificence of the property. Michael was pleased.

"Twenty-seven hundred acres, Michael! What will toi do with it all? I mean, you're bound to wander off and get lost," Mark teased, sitting back in his chair.

"Goody. Then I won't have to deal with you!" They both tittered. "I, um...haven't told the family yet though so,...blanket me, K?"

"More lies to the family, huh?" Michael glared at him. Mark sat up and continued, "what happens when Pappa Joe finds out you're not up in your room playing with your toys?" Michael sighed and adjusted his jacket.

"Well, I'll worry about that when the time comes. I mean, I can déplacer out if I want...it was time." Then he added, "By the way, thank toi Mark, toi can keep your your job." Michael giggled flashing his inumerous white teeth. Mark smiled and winked.
 Neverland Valley Ranch
Neverland Valley Ranch
posted by Fashionista101
Here is my old creative écriture work. This is about a girl who goes on an adventure with Michael Jackson and her two old friends

Here I am, walking accueil from another boring jour of school. I quickly ran accueil to get to uncle's house. When I got there, of course, my rich yet neglectful uncle would be sleeping on the white plush canapé in the living room and all four of my cousins would be playing in the backyard.
My bedroom was the attic, which my uncle and cousins would have their nice and big bedrooms, while I got stuck with the tiny, somewhat dusty attic. When I got there, I placed my black...
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Sorry this took so long. I was having a hard time writing, but i finally finished part 3. Enjoy!!

Driving home, there was little interaction between Michael and Chloe. When he did try to talk to her, she'd palourde up and she bore a strange expression as she sat nearly La Reine des Neiges in place. Figuring it to be stress related, Michael thought nothing of it. He couldn't have been farther from the truth. When they arrived home, Chloe seemed to snap out of her trancelike state, but the strange expression on her face remained. As she proceded to get out of the car, a sudden weakness came over her and she nearly...
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posted by mrsmj2011
She tries to run away from him. But he pulls her back in. He mesmerizes and bewitches her with his eyes. She is putty in his hands and he knows it. He does not have to say anything to her. All he has to do is look at her and her knees get weak and she melts. She tries to fight her feelings for him, but she can't resist him. To see him smile again, she would fulfill his every desire. She feels like she is going crazy because she can't stop thinking about him. Every night he is the étoile, star of her dreams. She wants to be the lady in his life for all time. She knows now that she will never escape him because she has fallen in l’amour with Michael Jackson.
 Don't try to fight it. toi know that toi want me, girl
Don't try to fight it. You know that you want me, girl
Once all alone
I was Lost in a world of strangers
No one to trust
On my own, I was lonely
toi suddenly appeared
It was cloudy before
Now it's all clear
toi took away the fear
And toi brought me back to the light

toi are the sun
toi make me shine
ou plus like the stars
That twinkle at night
toi are the moon
That glows in my heart
toi are my daytime my nighttime
[ Find plus Lyrics on link ]
My world
toi are my life

Now I wake up everyday
With this smile upon my face
No plus tears, no plus pain
‘Cause toi l’amour me
toi help me understand
That l’amour is the answer
to all that I am
And I'm a better man
Since toi taught me par sharing your love


toi gave me strength
When I wasn't strong
toi gave me hope when
All hope was lost
toi opened my eyes
When I couldn't see
l’amour was always here
Waiting for me

[1st Verse]
Looking In My Mirror
Took Me par Surprise
I Can't Help But See You
Running Often Through My Mind

[2nd Verse]
Helpless Like A Baby
Sensual Disguise
I Can't Help But l’amour You
It's Getting Better All The Time

I Can't Help It If I Wanted To
I Wouldn't Help It Even If I Could
I Can't Help It If I Wanted To
I Wouldn't Help It, No

I Can't Help It If I Wanted To
I Wouldn't Help It Even If I Could
I Can't Help It If I Wanted To
I Wouldn't Help It, No
[ Find plus Lyrics on link ]

[3rd Verse]
Love To Run My Fingers
Softly While toi Sigh
Love Came And Possessed You
Bringing Sparkles To Your Eyes...
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 Hmmm.....How do i win? Can i win all of them?Screw them i'm KING OF POP,of course i win.
Hmmm.....How do i win? Can i win all of them?Screw them i'm KING OF POP,of course i win.
Michael Jackson has been nominated for five American musique Awards.

The pop legend - who died on June 25 - is in the running to be named Artist of the an at the prestigious event and will be up against Taylor Swift, Eminem, Kings of Leon and Lady Gaga.

The 'Thriller' singer is also nominated for Favourite Male Artist in both the Pop ou Rock and the Soul/Rhythm and Blues categories, and Favourite Album for his 'Number Ones' LP in both of the categories.

Country singer Taylor rapide, swift leads the liste with six nominations, while Eminem received four.

Taylor - whose acceptance speech at the MTV Video...
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