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ep 1
scene 1
Sara: I believe being part of the solution, not the problem.
Michael: "Be The Change toi Want To See In The World".
Michael: What?
Sara: Nothing. That was just my senior quote.
Michael: That was you? This whole time I was thinking it was Gandhi.
Sara: You're very funny.

scene 2
Sara: toi went to Loyola.
Michael: You've been checking up on me.
Sara: I like to get to know my patients. I went to Northwestern. Graduated two years after toi did.
Michael: Maybe we met before. toi know, drunk, out at a bar somewhere.
Sara: I would've remembered.
Michael: Is that a complement?
Sara: No.

ep 4
Sara: You...
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Sara: Hello?
Michael: Sara...it's me.
Sara: What do toi want?
Michael: I don't have time to talk, there's every chance their listening to this call right now. But there's a lot I want to say. Please don't hang up on me.
Sara: I don't want to talk to you.
Michael: I heard about what happened. I want toi to know, how sorry I am, for everything.
Sara: Sorry's not going to do me a whole lot of good with what I'm up against right now.
Michael: Listen, anyone with any ties to me and my brother is in danger now.
Sara: I have no ties to toi and your brother, anymore.
Michael: There's a way I can protect you....
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Why'd toi have to kill him?!
MATT OLMSTEAD: It started as a discussion with Wentwoth [Miller] around Season 2. He brought up a good point: His character's hands are as dirty as anyone's. If toi look at the initial act that he committed -- robbing a bank to get into prison to break his brother out -- there were ramifications to that; a lot of people got hurt. Not par them, but when they rattled the cage of the company that was after them, the body count started to pile out. And Michael was aware of this. And we've addressed his guilt throughout the show. But at a certain point, it felt nobler...
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1. Because they are adorable together!
2. Because she tends to his wounds.
3. Because he doesn't want to lie to her.
4. Because they connect.
5. Because of the way she smiles when she's with him.
6. Because of the way he smiles when he's with her.
7. Because she would have remembered if she'd met him before.
8. Because she cares about his safety.
9. Because they will be seeing a lot of each other!
10. Because once he gets out, he's taking her to dinner, lunch, and a cup of coffee!
11. Because as much as she might try to deny it, she can't resist his charm.
12. Because she worked it out so she could at...
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posted by the_PEEP_show
When she felt what she felt when she saw Michael and Nika embracing outside the conjungal room, she knew something was wrong. She wasn't supposed to be feeling anything at all. No, she wouldn't dwell on that. And when she sighed inwardly when he explained that his marraige was just a deal, she had to get out as fast as possible before she hugged him in relief. When her cœur, coeur sagged at the sight of him in Ad-Seg, she started seriously doubting herself. Her soft desperate voice scared her plus than it was supposed to comfort him. She was frightened that this time she couldn't fix him and if she...
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