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Source: I drew it, duh.
posted by Agnas
Dear Fang,

I'm going to put this as truthfully and honestly as possible: I l’amour you.
For toi to leave me like that- well, my cœur, coeur is torn.
I l’amour toi plus then anything in the world, even chocolat chip cookies. Now that you're gone, and I'm left with Dylan, things are going downhill.
It's hard to put my thoughts into words. toi left for the greater good. But it's not as great as toi think.
Fang, I need you. I need toi like a homeless person that needs food. Dylan is pushy. He's nice and all, but ....
If toi die, I'll die. You're my life, my home, my shelter. Come back to me. I'll be waiting.
I l’amour you, Fang.

posted by jadle811
Ok, so... lets get down to business. Fang. Uber hot. We all know that. He's perfect for Max. We all know that too. He should know that. But he doesn't.

Someone tell me, please, why is it that Max and Fang were so scared of s’embrasser each other. Yes, I understand that they have been like brother and sister there whole entire life. I do. I really get it. (I seriously do, because I'm in l’amour with my best dude friend who I've known since I was 2 and him and his sister practically LIVE at my house) They both know they have feelings for each other, but it gets on my nerves that they don't do anything...
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posted by bella-panda
when did i start to l’amour fang yesterday the flock left with iggy to go shopping and i had to clean and fang stayed. thats when it happened i was cleaning when suddenly his hands were on my wastes it was wierd in a good sorta way. " fang hat are toi doing", i turn around to find his face so close to mine. "this" he simply says and then he kisses me. i Kiss back then i suddenly remember this is fang and pull away. "what the hell are toi doing?"i yelled my voice a little shaky. fang just simply answered,"what dpes it look like i am s’embrasser you." i got to think of a way how to get out and go fly to be able to think straight. fang.....i.....i................i....gotta go and well go out and fly a liitle while.
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7:37 P.M. Not really a good time for a girl to sleep.
Why? There's multiple réponses to that. One: When the l’amour of your life leaves toi with a robotic bird kid that will do everything to get your love, you're kind of stressed out. Two: After waking up at twelve that jour anyways, toi could probably do with going to sleep at 10:00 P.M., right? And three: I barely get sleep anyways. So toi can probably understand why I got up, made myself some coffee, and sat in the cuisine for no apparent reason in my bath robe. (Yeah, I 'borrowed' it. From Wallmart.)
I thought of the following in this order:...
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On the first flight ... of our story,
The picture seemed so right.
Then this boy came ... oh, so evil,
I don't know why I like him, though.
Cause even anges have,
Their wicked wings,
And toi take that,
To great extremes!
Yet you'll always ... be my hero.
Even though I l’amour Dylan ...

Just gonna hover there and watch me burn,
But that's all right, because Dylan can soothe that burn
Just gonna hover there and hear me cry,
But that's all right, because Dylan sings lullaby's.
I l’amour the way toi try.
Oh, I l’amour the way toi try.

And as time flies, toi hear our voices,
Getting higher as we flew.
And the flock are...
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Source: ME!!! (I drew it...)
posted by max_fan
It was about 2:00am. and I was laying awake in our current sûr, sans danger house in Colorado. I looked over to see Nudge & Angel fast asleep. I turned over on my side with a million thoughts going thru my head. 90 percent of my thoughts was about Fang and how he left us and the other 10 percent was about Dylan. Was Fang really gone? Would he ever come back? Will Dylan ever just leave me alone? Now my head was killing me because of all the thoughts. God, I just couldn't think strait. I went on the deck in hope to get away from all the thoughts. The arbre right across from the deck rustled making me...
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