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"Sierra, guess what jour this is!" Fourteen-year-old Riley Carlson practically bounced as she followed her best friend, Sierra Pomeroy, into one of the girls' bathrooms at West Malibu High.
"Hmm." Sierra pretended to think. "It's Wednesday, so could it be..."
"Yes!" Riley cried. "Today's the jour the people from Total Makeover are coming!"
Total Makeover was one of Riley's favori télévision shows. Last week they had announced a special contest called Total Teen Makeover. They were going to four different high schools and would pick one couple from each to be on the show. Riley nearly passed out...
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"Those are the cutest ski jackets I have ever seen!" Chloe Carlson exclaimed to her sister, Riley. "I think we should each get one."
Fourteen-year-old Chloe pictured herself in the orange veste that Riley was holding up. No, the silver one would look better with her hair. Of course, she and Riley had the exact same shade of blonde hair, not to mention the same blue eyes and the same complexion. Still, Chloe thought that the silver veste suited her personality better.
Riley laughed. "That's a great idea. Except we came to the mall to do some last-minute Christmas shopping, remember? For other...
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