l’amour What do/would u like to say to the girl toi love?

Pick one:
"Words" can't describe how much toi mean to me!
Only toi and me know the "True l’amour Ways"
"She" is nothing compare to you!
"It's gonna be alright" honey
toi made it possible for me to answer the question "What is love" - it's you!
I cried "Somebody Save Me" and I'm so glad toi heard me!
I l’amour u in my life - please don't "Disappear"
toi wanna know if i l’amour you???? "Hell yeah"! Of course i do!
toi are my sweetest "Fantasy" cuz ur real
"Fly Me To The Moon" I'd go anywhere with u!
 IsabellaAzuria posted il y a plus d’un an
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