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Fee “The Kid” Herod, The Quick and the Dead
Before Titanic , Leo gave a heartwarming performance in this movie . His character just wants to be loved par his father, his father shoots him, leaving him to worm on the ground, professing over and over that he doesn’t want to die.

Jack Dawson , Titanic
Anyone would agree that Leo was great as Jack . He gave an amazing performance and after Titanic , soon he was ruling every girl's cœur, coeur .

Dom Cobb, Inception
This movie was mind-blowing and Leo's performance as Cobb was amazing .....even haters would agree with this...

Howard Hughes, The Aviator...
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the plage
Leonardo Dicaprio
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1998 film with Leonardo Dicaprio doing double duty as a cruel king and his imprisoned twin brother.
Leonardo Dicaprio
the man in the iron mask
full movie
1998 film
the musketeers
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