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one jour at Ninjago city...

Jay: ahh a beautiful morning,but what's not so beautiful is WE'RE TRAINING AT THIS HOUR!

Kai,Cole,Zane: WE KNOW!

Jay: ok..ok.. jeesh

the ninjas trained until 9 AM


Kai,Cole,Zane: WE KNOW!

Jay: ok...ok.... jeesh

but it wasnt so boring as they think at 5 minutes later THE FANGPYRES ATTACKED!

Jay: SNAKE!!

Kai: we can see that jay

but Nya got kidnapped

Jay: NYA!!!

Nya: HELP!!!!

Kai: WE GOT TO SAVE HER *got pwnd in the head * ouch

Zane: LETS MOVE!! *got hit in the head too* ouchie

Cole: well that was hopeless * hit in the head* ouchie

Jay: well that was hopeless * runs*

Jay: NYA!

Nya: geai, jay HELP!

geai, jay glew bright

Jay: wow!

and his nunchucks was spraying lightnings

and he turned golden


geai, jay used his elemental power at fangtom
and geai, jay won

geai, jay turned normal but his uniform changed

TO BE CONTINUED AT "Zane's cold ice!"
 after the golden transformation!
after the golden transformation!
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Cole POV

I was upset. Zane's words meant our Friends were gone. Just then, the huge doors to the temple opened. There stood Kai, a girl, and Carisa. Carisa was on the back of, "Dragon!" I shouted, and hid behind a post.
" Our father used to tell us storys about the dragons. They are mystical creatures that belong to both worlds." The girl said. I guessed she was Nya.
"Once he realized we were protecting the weapon, he actually became quite a softy." Kai told us. geai, jay tried to talk, but only rough noises came out of his mouth.
"He can not speak, but he would like to know if toi like blue." Zane told...
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Electra's pov

I swung my axe and he dodged it "die!!" I swung it at his neck,and he ducked,Lloyd kicked my knees and I fell to the ground, I know he couldn't hurt me but I still was scared, " I'm no longer SCARED OF YOU!! " he punched me and the whole pitch black room disappeared. I could hear crying and murmuring " my son! Oh your awake, I saw a woman help Lloyd up. I jumped up and elbowed the man in white.and felt metal and bit my lip in pain. I tried to run but a man with black hair held me back " oh father how are you?" I asked coyly "tell us Electra, why?" A white bearded man walked in...
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