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posted by ErzaLattina
#1 Taemin wants to travel around the world when his career finishes.

#2 When they got asked when they feel an adrenaline rush, Taemin a dit "When I watch horror movies?"

#3 According to Key, Taemin is very childish.

#4 If he could, Taemin would like to become a person known worldwide.

#5 Onew likes the fact that he's older than Taemin and Jonghyun likes the fact that he's younger than Onew.

#6 The first time Taemin was conned was when he bought fake live musique DVDs from China.

#7 Taemin thinks that not having problems is the problem.

#8 Taemin thinks that Key looks better than Minho.

#9 Taemin thinks...
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Words cannot even begin to express the amount of screaming in front of inkigayo just now...

Every time I watch a Danger broadcast and the fanchants are killing it I'm like fuck yeah! We did that! We that good!

Lining up for the pre-recording for suivant week while watching this weeks broadcast which was pre-recorded last week for this week. Yes.

Going in for post recording now

Inkigayo recording is over now =( 1 rehersal and 2 recordings today.

Taemin was sick today ㅠ ㅠ had a runny nose the whole time

Took him so long to come back between breaks because of the runny nose ㅠ ㅠ he kept complaining...
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Sleeping in Starbucks for the past 4 hours,moving my fingers to the beat of the musique so they think im just resting...

10mins to checkin and people are still watching the promo van XD it's like they can't leave =P

Lining up for the fanmeet. Wanna sit down but every time I do they tell us to get up for something ou another so I keep waiting ㅠ ㅠ

I seriously have bad timing >_<

Lmao people here are lining up in front of inkigayo to meet taemin and watching the inkigayo stream on their phones at the same time XD

I'm guessing he came up since everyone on their phones let out a collective "AWWWWW!!!!!"...
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omg did the manga artist sakisaka io tweet about taem? ..and called him cute ;A; ..is it about our taem?

cr: TodaysGreatItem

@TodaysGreatItem ikr ikr! Some a dit his character in a haru ride looks like Taemin so she might got all inspired par him 😄😄
cr: dizzicchi31

@dizzicchi31 ;A; bb has many famous japanese fans <3333

cr: TodaysGreatItem
"Rehearsal w. the fam & Korean Friends for my first time ever choreographing for a K-Pop artist and I'm very lucky that is for mr. Taemin of Shinee!"

Source: Ian Eastwood

Reuploaded by: onboms @ shineee.net

[Trevortakemoto's ig]

Tackling two different projects this week, but super excited to be working with this talented K-Pop artist, @taeminlee of #shinee!

trevortakemoto instagram


[Instagram] 14.07.17 Ian Eastwood actualiza junto a ‪#‎Taemin‬

"Ensayo con la FAM & Amigos coreanos, es la primera vez que estamos haciendo coreografía para un artista del Kpop y me siento muy afortunado de que sea el señor Taemin de SHINee!"

cR: ian_eastwood
Trad. Taemints 태민 Chile
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[PIC/140526] Taemin mentioned in instagram of Stefania Sampinato (actress from Sicily) I'm so happy to be able to have known the amazing Taemin, exotour backstage #teimin #SHINee #exotour #exolostplanet - So happy i got to meet the amazing Teimin, exotour backstage #teimin #SHINee #exotour #exolostplanet cr. stefaniaspampinato

[PIC/140526] Taemin mencionado en el instagram de Stefania Sampinato ( actriz de Sicilia)

Estoy tan feliz de poder haber conocido al asombroso Taemin, exotour backstage ‪#‎teimin‬ ‪#‎SHINee‬#exotour ‪#‎exolostplanet‬
Article: Who are the trending 'younger men' of today? Jong Suk vs Hyung Shik vs Taemin

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+1,348, -56] I really can't pick between the three ㅠㅠ Lee Jong Suk is daebak in his drama ㅠㅠ Park Hyung Shik is so cute with how hard he works... baby soldier ㅠㅠ and I've always liked Taemin... all three are jjang

2. [+1,209, -48] Lee Jong Suk has been on the rise ever since 'School' and Park Hyung Shik blew up with 'Real Men' so I'd say they're both the trends right now ㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+1,028, -52] All three are the trend!

4. [+878, -82] Even as a man, I can definitely see...
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