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favori languages

Which languages are your favorites? The ones that toi l’amour to listen to and/or wish to learn?

My liste (not in any order):

Polish - my native language. What I l’amour about it is that it's so complicated that even native speakers very often make mistakes and you'd have to dedicate your whole life to know the entire grammar. It has a lot of sounds that don't exist even in other Slavic languages. It generally is very different from Slavic languages.

European Spanish - because it's so... expressive. I say European, because Latin Spanish speakers don't have that particular accent that I love. Every word is filled with emotion. And if French is the language of love, then IMO Spanish is the language of passion. Currently I'm learning Spanish and I l’amour every sound and every word.

Japanese - it's very rhytmic. The syllables are very clear, articulated. When spoken in a low voice, it sounds menacing, in a high voice, it's gentle, but toi can always hear dignity in it.

Finnish - there's something really cute about Finnish. It sounds like somebody took any Nordic language and poured oil on it. Despite some hard sounds, it's really, really soft.

Russian - I think it's one of the most melodic languages in the world. I could listen to songs in Russian forever. If I had to describe it with one word, I'd say smooth.

The other favoris are Hungarian, Arabic, Czech and English, maybe I'll explain them some other time.
I generally l’amour all the languages, I l’amour how the same thing can be expressed in so many ways.

 Hattress posted il y a plus d’un an
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rosemina said:
My favourite languages are:

Greek-it's my native language. Well,my points seem to be similar with yours in Polish.I l’amour just how Greek isn't like any other language in the world.It sounds and it is written in a completely different way. I also l’amour that is considered one of the oldest and hardest languages.The Grammar is a terror to foreign people and the Vocabulary is gigantic.It's also a very expressive language.

European Spanish-I agree with you.Spanish sounds absolutely beautiful and passionate.I can't wait to start my Spanish lessons!And if I had to choose a language that is (only) phonetically the closest to Greek, that would be Spanish.

Finnish-once again I agree. When I listen to Finnish, I immediately start daydreaming! For some reason I have combined this language with fairy tales, myths and legends. I guess the fact that Tolkien based his Elf language on Finnish is not a coincidence!

And finally, I have a thing about dead languages!Therefore I'm in l’amour with Latin and Ancient Greek.For me their divine beauty is incomparable.As a Greek I know some Ancient Greek and I plan to learn Latin soon.

Other languages that I like are English,Aramaic,Arabic,Turkish and Swedish. :)
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posted il y a plus d’un an 
ElsaFrozen said:
Arabic-I completely adore it! I could listen to the songs in it forever! <3

Russian-So fierce and gorgeous! It's also my native! <3 <3

Spanish-European, it sounds so passionate and sexy!

I l’amour them all but these the most! I l’amour my languages as much as my victory and almost as much as my coffee!
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posted il y a plus d’un an 
Karoii-chan said:
My favourites are...

JAPANESE: I'll be honest with you. animé and manga are the two sources of my unconditional l’amour for this melodious language. Learning it is immense fun and the expressions on other listeners' faces are just hilarious.

RUSSIAN: Masha and the ours was the cartoon where I'd first stumbled upon this language up close. It's so... vibrant. Russian is filled to the brim with joie de vivre and it's so enthusiastic! I'd l’amour to learn it in the future.

GERMAN: History classes about the World Wars and Hitler's goals made me gradually develop a fondness for this language. It is complex, intricate and mysterious. I'd definitely l’amour to learn German, too, in the future.

ENGLISH: Not my original mother tongue, but very close to it, seeing as I utilize it literally everywhere. This language is sophisticated, elegant and has this air of aristocratic grace. I enjoy learning and using English. I've been exposed to it ever since I was in kindergarten.

ARABIC: I'm not very fluent in it, but I'm trying hard to learn it. This language is ancient and poetic. There is a vast expanse of vocabulary in Arabic; it has the tendency to get downright ferocious and soul-piercing when spoken par an opponent.

URDU: My mother tongue. I suck at it- I can't write it properly, I can't read it properly, heck... I can't even SPEAK it properly! However, despite my lack of expertise, this language is still very enthralling to me. The words are mystical and possess this royal quality that enraptures you.

FRENCH: I'm currently learning this language at school. It's been around 4 ou 5 years since I took it after dropping Urdu- and I don't regret it at all! This language is exciting, challenging, carefree, yet manages to retain an ounce of dignity.

EGYPTIAN HEIROGLYPHICS: I consider this as a language, even if others may not agree with me entirely. The symbols are ancient, showcasing the wonderful intellect of the past generations, with a magnetic attraction that haunts toi to study them. It is wicked fun to try and de-crypt the language- to understand what the ancients are attempting to convey to others in this modern era. I would l’amour to study hieroglyphics in the future, too.

These are all that I can remember so far. -__-"

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posted il y a plus d’un an 
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